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SAIA ended--

It’s been a half-a-year since the Seattle Anti-Imperialist Alliance was founded by seven local political activists, six of whom have been active throughout. We were able to write ten leaflets dealing with imperialist war and U.S. “anti-terrorist” interventions all over the world, the growing American police state, and a local racist police murder. We distributed around 14,000 total copies of these on sidewalks, at rallies and demonstrations, and in neighborhoods. And we hope that this work has helped raise consciousness around the following points in particular: (1) that to end imperialist war and repression the capitalist system must be overthrown, (2) there are no saviors within the establishment---the masses must develop and rely on their own politics and organization, (3) the reformist and other opportunist leadership which today dominates the mass movements undermines their development in a revolutionary direction and must be actively fought against.

Several of us met for the first time in October, and building SAIA was a good experience for all of us---whether young and relatively new to the anti-imperialist movement, or older and more experienced. Besides agitational work, participating in rallies and demonstrations, etc., we were the first group to initiate a street demonstration against the Afghan war in disgust at the local bourgeois pacifists, who had gone into hiding at the behest of the Democrats the moment the government started strafing starving Afghanistan. But during the past few months we’ve reached the conclusion that the SAIA organizational form built around the principles of unity adopted last fall (see this page) should be abandoned. We’re not attracting new members, which would be O.K. given the overall state of the movement, but because of the political inclinations of our membership we think we can say and do all we’ve been saying and doing through other organizational forms, and also be more direct about it. For example, because of the limited capabilities of all of us we’ve found it difficult to develop both the SAIA agitation and organizational work, plus the direct work for communism which we also think is needed. Therefore five of the six of us have decided to work through the Seattle Communist Study Group to accomplish this. (The SCSG is organized by the Communist Voice Organization---see . It was a member of the latter who put out the call which resulted in the original formation of SAIA.) The other member is going to continue his “Internet-based work” described at

Building the anti-imperialist movement remains on our agenda.

Adopted by a vote of 5 to 1, July 2002

Leaflets & other literature:

...and repression for the masses in the "homeland".

  • Another killing by the racist police--includes an appended elegy for the murdered Shawn Maxwell • Mar 12 • (2800)

  • For mass struggle vs. the burgeoning police state • Feb 18 • (1800)

      (estimated distribution is parenthesized)

An article we endorse: "Imperialism in light of the Afghan war", from the pages of Communist Voice Magazine (

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