Information war wants to be free to serve the struggle to end bourgeois rule

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information theorist • infrastructure architect
• building and using weapons of information warfare
• political transparency will serve the consciousness and organization of the proletariat

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(1) Ben's more popular articles confront the crisis of theory
How to Build the Party of the Working Class
The most important task for revolutionaries in the present period
is the creation of a genuinely revolutionary mass organization
(or system of organizations) capable of uniting everything healthy
in the progressive and workers' movements and laying the foundations
for a mass workers' party that can overcome both the reformist
and sectarian diseases and unite the majority of the working class
around a program centered on the overthrow of bourgeois rule
A scenario for the overthrow of bourgeois rule
  in the U.S. in the middle of the 21st century

  Have you ever wondered how it all might happen?
  Events may unfold something like this.

Politics, Economics and the Mass Media
  when the working class runs the show

    • Will there be elections and competing parties?
    The three economic sectors
        (private capitalist • state capitalist • gift economy)
    The evolution of the mass media
        (commercial media • state media • free media)

Proletarism is anti-revisionist Marxism for the 21st century
From the Russian workers' movement (with experience in underground organizing
against the rule of Brezhnev's "communists" and militant strikes under the rule
of Yeltsin's "democrats") has come a proposal to recognize, with a new name,
a decisive break with the treachery of the "communist" leadership
-- which enslaved the working class and betrayed the revolutionary movement in a way comparable to the great betrayal of 1914. (Includes timeline history chart)

(2) Community and Project Proposals
The Media Weapon Community
  Our community-in-embryo is small and quiet at this time. I hope to see it develop.
  The discussion lists for our community are the pof-200 and pof-300 lists.
  My more recent posts can be seen in the public archives of the theorist list.
  The wiki for the Media Weapon community is here.

The Attention Refinery (the next step in wiki warfare)
  A proposal for a system of integrated blogs, wikis and discussion forums that
  will (1) use collaborative filtering, (2) make it easy for users to compete for attention
  and (3) allow users to easily create tables that will pull information from readers
  and sort, filter and display this information in a way that is useful.

The News Refinery
A proposal for a progressive activists' news rating & filtering service

News and views to serve the working class, the antiwar movement and the struggle to end bourgeois rule -- posted, summarized, rated and filtered by activists like you

(3) Market forces created our world. Conscious forces will create our future.

Equation for our victory in the 21st century:
Heat, Fuel and Oxygen creates the Digital Fire

Fuel = Conditions of exploitation/misery
Oxygen = Ease of communication
Heat = Conscious Forces
Conscious Forces Will Bring Us Certain Victory
  How in the coming period of intensified class struggle,
  activists will use open communities and
  information war to win ever-increasing attention
  and support and create the conscious forces
  that will bring us certain victory

The Laws of Commodity Production for Dummies
The world in which we live ( ie: a world of imperialist
wars, racism, unemployment, poverty, repression,
ecosystem destruction on a vast scale and a culture
of escapism, ignorance and spam ) has been created
and shaped by the laws of commodity production.
Creating a "better world" of peace, abundance and
justice for all will require hundreds of thousands
of activists to understand these "laws" so that
humanity can chart a path forward to a world
that is not ruled by the bourgeoisie.

(4) Cartoons, culture and history
Politics as Usual:
A Cartoon Guide to the Left in Seattle

The Democratic and Republican Parties • The Imperialist Democratic Party • The Big Antiwar Coalitions • The Green Party • The Reformist Disease • The Sectarian Disease • The Crisis of Theory • The SA and ISO (ie: Socialist Alternative and International Socialist Organization) • The FSP (ie: Freedom Socialist Party and Radical Women) • ANSWER and NION (ie: Not in Our Name) • The RCP (ie: Revolutionary Communist Party) • The CVO (ie: Communist Voice Organization) • The Anarchists • You, dear reader

An essay on culture examines
the significance of the phenomenon
known as "Burning Man":
Desert Goddesses Saturate
Emergent Community
with Eye-Candy

A community of artists opens
a window into a human future
based on a gift economy
and the emergence of
a deeper form of beauty


The History of the Universe, Humankind and Communism
Never mind the crap
they teach you in school, here are a few of the real events that mark the struggle and progress of humankind. The history of the universe is the history of the self-organization of matter. The struggle to overthrow the system of bourgeois rule and replace the capitalist mode of production with a self-organizing moneyless economy is the culminating and decisive chapter in a story billions of years old.

(5) More theory and analysis
How activists will organize today ...
and the world will be organized tomorrow
Public debate concerning how we organize and what tasks are decisive

We need mass democracy
Index to polemics on how to organize
the antiwar and revolutionary movements

Real organization cannot be built
on a foundation of sand

If we can create a mass anti-imperialist organization where decisions and struggle are based on mass democracy -- then we will capture the imagination of serious activists everywhere -- and be in a position to change the dynamics of the entire antiwar movement. In other words: we will win.

SAIC and the struggle for sobrietyIn honor of those who have fallen • (2008)
The Seattle Anti-Imperialist Committee and the struggle for sobriety
(and a high productivity of labor) in the antiwar and revolutionary movements

How to Build the Party of the Future • (unfinished) • (May 97 - May 98)
By continuing our political development and harnessing the power of the coming revolution in communications -- we can help to lay the foundation for a communist "trend of trends" with the ability to eradicate sectarianism from our ranks, puncture the influence of reformism over a vast audience, capture the imagination of workers in their millions and mobilize our class to ignite a fire that cannot be extinguished.

Humanity's Future Gift Economy

The Self-Organizing Moneyless Economy • (1995)
The first scientific speculation on how a communist economy and political system will function
in the 21st century.
Featuring brief sketches of the organization of political, cultural and economic life
in a future where all authority flows from principles that have been distributed universally and
are part of everyone's internal compass rather than institutions which are external to
the individual and which use one or another form of carrot or stick.

The ascendency of the self-organizing moneyless economy • (2004)
Ben speculates on some of the ways that the self-organzing moneyless economy may unfold as it overtakes and overwhelms the commodity economy in the period following the overthrow of bourgeois rule
• (Appendix F of The World for which We Fight)

(6) Other software related project proposals
Democratic filters for Indymedia
  ( A detailed proposal and mockup )

( from the Red Team website...)
• We engineer to raise hell ... and storm heaven ...
• Now building the digital nervous system of the working class

Information becomes more powerful as it is refined.
The working class will make itself conscious by creating
information refineries on a large scale.

The ultimate "killer app"
to emerge from the internet
will be the collective mind
of the proletariat, which
will organize itself for
the overthrow of bourgeois rule
and the liberation of the infinite potential of humanity

(7) Graphics
Theoretical Graphics

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words
... or at least a hundred

(Click graphic to view full-size)

Theoretical graphics from:
Cargo-Cult Leninism
vs. Information War
Workers' Rule:
Is it Dead or Alive?

The question we cannot escape
concerns the degeneration
of the Soviet and Chinese
revolutions of 1917 and 1949.
If these revolutions appeared to be
successful and then degenerated
-- does this mean that future
attempts at establishing workers'
rule will inevitably suffer
the same fate?

Ben's "Information War" Program for SAIC

1) Reach out to a
national audience

2) Work to build
a community

3) Dare to talk
about our goal


(8) "Ads" for some of Ben's articles and projects
Proletarian Democracy
How will economics,
politics and culture work
when the working class
runs modern society?


Working class rule has never existed in a modern, stable society. However it will emerge triumphant in the 21st century. How will a workers' state suppress
the former ruling bourgeoisie
without also suppressing the
independent political life of workers?
The Anarcho-Leninist
Debate on the State

The debate question:
In the period immediately following
a successful mass uprising
against the bourgeoisie,
should the form (or forms) of organization
adopted by the proletariat
to secure its ultimate liberation
be understood to be a state?

Do you have ideas
Or do ideas have you?

The History of the Universe

The self-organization of matter from
the big bang to the future ...
From the dawn of life to
the self-organizing moneyless economy
Proletarism is anti-revisionist Marxism for the 21st century
From the Russian workers' movement (with experience in underground organizing under the rule of Brezhnev's "communists" and militant strikes under the rule of Yeltsin's "democrats") has come a proposal to recognize, with a new name, a decisive break with the treachery of the "communist" leadership -- which enslaved the working class and betrayed the revolutionary movement in a way comparable to
the great betrayal of 1914.
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