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We engineer to raise hell ... and storm heaven ...

Now building the digital nervous system of the working class ...
The Red Team
Information refineries for the proletarian century

The ultimate "killer app" to emerge from the internet
will be the collective mind of the proletariat, which
will organize itself for the overthrow of bourgeois rule
and the liberation of the infinite potential of humanity

Consciousness is primarily the process of collecting, concentrating and refining information for the purpose of transforming it into a guide for action.

We will use the revolution in digital communications to create microportals, news sites and collaboratively filtered discussion lists to help inspire the self-organization of a collective consciousness which, for technical and political reasons, has never existed in the history of the world.

Crude oil can be refined. And so can information.
Our mission is to harness the emerging revolution in digital communications to help build the revolutionary movement of the working class. For this purpose we intend to use simple forms of internet technology (web scripts, databases and, in many cases, hand-edited html pages) to present information in an organized way.

What organizations, web sites, email lists and personalities are part of the working class and revolutionary movements? What information exists about these groups, sites, lists or people? What are their reputations? What are the burning questions that are (or should be) the subject of scientific debate? How can these debates be organized? What are the sources of news about these issues? We intend to help make the answers to these questions easy (or easier) to find and, in the process, to help bring _transparency_ to the revolutionary movement.

How can the immense potential of the revolution in communications be best used to allow working class and revolutionary activists to inform one another about what is important--to increasingly coordinate their activity--to resolve their contradictions--and to bring closer the day when millions acquire the ability to strike with a single fist? We intend to help find out.

Information becomes more powerful as it is refined.
The working class will make itself conscious by creating
information refineries on a large scale.

We believe that all genuine working class and revolutionary activists share our goals. We believe that vast stores of revolutionary energy and enthusiasm are circulating in society and we intend to help capture, concentrate and focus this revolutionary energy for the purpose of creating revolutionary organization. We believe the revolution in communications will play a central and decisive role in the creation of revolutionary organization and we intend to do our share to assist this process.
(Ben Seattle July 2001)

We need your comments, criticisms and suggestions about the ideas on this page.

(Poster honoring the Paris Commune--May 1871)

From the revolution in digital communications
will emerge the epoch of transparency. As the
coming flood of news, opinion and discussion
is organized, or refined, it will step by step
transform the consciousness of the working class
which will, at last, "storm heaven".

The Red Team
Email List
An email list focused on
digital infrastructure

The Red Team list is focused on discussion and discovery of the principles that must guide efforts to create the digital nervous system of the working class. A technical or programming background is not required to participate in this list. What is required is determination to forge weapons of information war (defined, not as the sabotage of computer systems, but as the systematic and methodical use of the emerging revolution in communications to wage an open struggle for ideas and principles that will awaken the working class and facilitate its self-organization).

The email list is currently inactive due to a lack of subscribers and energy. New subscribers are welcome to introduce themselves, browse the archives and make thoughtful comments on archived posts. In particular, a post from August 3 Project Red Node -- towards a functional spec needs to be reviewed.

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