Last updated: 29.Apr.2001
Proletarian Democracy
The Resonance List
The Resonance List is one of two lists
set up to discuss Proletarian Democracy

Here are the rules of the Proletarian Democracy Resonance List

  1. Every post to this list will have a clear and direct
    (ie: as opposed to indirect or tangential) relation
    to the fulfillment of our mission statement.
  2. The list will start with two members
    (me and Perry--if he agrees).
  3. Members of the list are those with the right to post.
    Anyone can receive posts but only members can create them.
  4. Members agree to make at least one thoughtful post
    in any six-month period. Members will make no more than
    six posts in any calendar month.
  5. Posts are expected to be original contributions by the author (or, if they are "reposts" from somewhere else--must be prefaced by a short explanation of why they are relevant)
  6. Candidates for membership must be nominated by two members (who must each post a short description of the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate). All candidates will be in agreement with the mission statement, will conduct themselves with dedication and humility, will strive to respect, listen to and respond to the points of principle that have been raised--and will have a proven ability to remain calm in the face of provocation.
  7. Candidates will post a short description of
    their political history and why they believe they
    may be able to contribute to the mission of the list.
  8. Candidates are then allowed to make three posts, with
    at least ten days between each post.  Candidates do not
    become members until ten days after their third post.
  9. Any candidate can be vetoed by any member at any time prior to becoming a member.  This means that once nominated the candidate is vulnerable to veto for a period of at least thirty days (ie: 3 posts x 10 days each).  A member who vetos a candidate must post his reason for the veto.  Any candidate who is vetoed is not eligible for candidacy for at least six months.
  10. Members can only nominate one candidate in any calendar month.
  11. Expulsion requires a simple majority of the members (note: this means a majority of the total members--not a majority of members who vote. An abstention or failure to vote will count as a vote not to expell. Hence, if the list becomes large expulsions may become impractical.)
  12. It would be expected that members would discuss much of the operation of the list on the proletarian democracy focus list (that would also be public) and reserve the resonance list for the serious contributions to theory. The nominations for membership, the political history/application of candidates, the reasons for a veto, any discussion of (or organizing for) expulsion and discussion of changing the rules or mission statement --would all be made on the focus list. The focus list would likely have a higher volume of posts but the resonance list would have a larger non-posting audience.
  13. Consideration will be given to methods of using the list to carry out public debate with any and all serious challengers from various political trends. This may include forwarding posts from serious challengers to the list for comment and debate.
  14. The list will be limited in size to 12 members with the right to post. There will be no limit on the number who can receive posts.
  15. Changing the rules or the mission statement will require
    a vote of at least two-thirds of the total membership