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Samantha (Redmarx), Bastrop (TX)
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18-Apr-2007 1:45 am

Lenin LIVES!!!!

True Heroes

The rule by the working class would be a society without
people such as Ebert & Roeper that simply watch movies
& get paid. Rewarding laziness is a crime, people that work
all day in construction or the sweaty job of farming will be rewarded for doing REAL work. Not ignored & even disliked for not being 'clean.' They do the hard jobs that allow us to have those little things we take for granted. It all sounds impossible to create a society like this, but there's a first time for everything. The current society looks up to the people that make millions in the stock market or people like

(continued) Donald Trump that just sit at a desk all day.
And Hollywood celebrities who hardly ever break a sweat.
But what have they ever done for you or me? Those people
who build our roads, our supermarkets & grow our crops are the real heroes.