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Nikolai, Denver
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7-Dec-2006 4:20 pm

Complacency Has Run Rampant

The Revolutionary Marxist Movement has Deradicalized as the need for action has become Imperative!

As marxist groups deradicalize across the globe a heightened need for party organization and direct action has increased. Ever since the subsequent demise of the USSR, globalist imperialist powers wars and occupations have heightened the necessity for revolution. The decrease in party militancy has resulted in a compromise against the struggles of underdeveloped countries and the struggles of the workers within those countries. Lenin's thesis on imperialism has only become more true as the communist parties of the world have become less radical.

It is important to realize that the revolutionary situation of the world is ripe, and that complacent discussion and feeding into the bourgeoisie concepts of free speech, consumerism, elections, and general compromise has done nothing but undermine the movement. We can not sit around anymore, the need for revolution has hit a peak. If marxist party and vanguard of the proletariat does not act, we will fail. As marxists we can not afford to allow the international situation to remain as it is. The conditions of the working people have only become more exploitative. The need to weaken aggressive imperialist powers has become all too necessary.

Globalism has almost succeded. The remaining socialist regimes of the world are being isolated and starved into pathetic rump states, permissive towards even the most heinous compromises of socialism. If we do not act by any means necessary against the imperialist campaigns of the developed western capitalist countries, we will have done nothing but betray the workers of the world.

As revolutionary thinkers we see the necessity for revolution, we have the potential for leadership. Either we take action against the bourgeoisie social order, or we submit ourselves wholly to class oppression and capitalist rulership. It does not matter whether you are an anarchist, a trotskyite, a moaist, or even a stalinist, we all know the common enemy of the people and must take action.

It is imperative that all revolutionaries of the world unite in the struggle against capitalism. No war but the class war! It is the most important task of the day, the most important task.

Time is not forgiving to the revolutionary that waits.
We must take action. This is a call to arms. This is a call to organize and fight the aggressive predatory imperialist capitalist powers of the world. This is a call to defend the peoples true democracy.