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Communist and idealist.
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18-Sep-2006 2:23 pm

What's up with Fascism?

The Fascists Pillage freedom!

I'm Lt Misha Straskov of a Communist Secret police that exists in my imagination. I'd like to say that the fascists pillage freedom. Just Last night i was told to turn off "That infernal racket" (Jazz music). I fight for equality, but no one listens to me. sure they all laugh when i claim a Table or chair for communism, but then they all thell me " Misha, your a teenager, not some communist policeman. Live a little dont be dragged by yourself and idealism." Damn the fascits.

Then i say that idealism is the way forwrad anf then the fascist goes "Communism" thumbs down, "Me" Thumbs up. Bastard. But now ive moaned about life, best get on with it. Life is war, Fellow Communists, if the fascists pillage our freedom, fight back. Rip them up the guts and shoot out their faces before they do the same to you.
LT Misha Straskov
Communist SP.


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I visited that site and it really inspired me. Well done. now im a Communist idealist with Rhydianism thrown in for good measure.