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Nick, A better Futur
student, age: 10 - 20 years
Communist/ Humanist
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25-Feb-2006 5:18 pm

Let's make even a bigger impact!

We don't want to give the society to people like Stalin.

Let's forget our hate towards the bourgeois for a moment. first look at our selfs. We need radical changes in our system of live, stop the unfairness but when we create our Communist world we mustn't forget that we are doing this for the greatness and weaknisses of Humanity. So we should proof our selfs better then the bourgeois and not take revenge. Just take every Human as he is. Why should we do different! that's why we need to bring all the left party's togehter and fight under one flag. Then we could have councils of philosofers and a goverment chosen by ALL people, in our guidlines.

Stalin and Kapitalists and other faillures of mankind should be put to a halt! So let's spread the true meaning of life and think with a cool mind. Always thinking of all things happend in live, in the past, present, futur. Think of all People who need us, poor, ill, broken. So many People so many dreams, story's....but also the greatness of our race as Humans what we achiefed. Let's hope and dream of that single, biggest achiefment: Communism in the most honerable way.

Stay true to your self, and think a lot you only live once........


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