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dug, Hillsboro
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anti-revisionist communist
  Some really serious problems
23-Dec-2005 1:05 am

Sounds like Democracy

Talking yourself into Democracy and Capitalism

In trying to solve the problems of Marxism you substitute one party for many parties that compete. Sounds like democracy. Other parts sound like capitalism.

On other places on your website you go on to describe "...will consist of myriad self-organizing assemblies of economic units in competition with one another to most efficiently transform skilled labor and other resources into forms of social wealth..." Except for getting rid of money this sounds like Adam Smith's invisible hands. As for getting rid of money you will find yourself inventing something that looks like it. Barter societies are never large or efficient. Your theories look like a backhanded proof of democracy and capitalism.

As for separating speech and property you now promote those who work the least above those who are actually workers. The less you work the more time you can legally speak in your system. How does this empower workers?

Your comments are heretical. The intellectuals should rule the uneducated masses and lead them to the worker's paradise. Don't fall for the right wing propaganda. 100 million lives is a small price to pay for this paradise. We were so close but someone lost their will. Fidel and Kim il Jung have not lost faith. They have peaceful happy societies. They don't wage imperial wars. Everyone is well fed and has excellent health care. Simple agrarian lives uncomplicated by technology, lower greenhouse gas emmissions. All of the problems of the west solved.