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2-Dec-2005 11:18 am

non profit incentive

what can be the incentive to produce in a socialist order

As we all know that it is the accumulation of surplus value or profit that is the dangling carrot in capitalism. It is this incentive that drives the engine for the daily production and reproduction of capitalism.
What can be the incentives that will propell production in a socialist society?

The experiences of the USSR and the ongoing reports from China clearly state that repression and coersion are not effective tools in organizing people for production. This is even more so in a socialist society which claims itself to be egalitarian and a society of and by the people themselves.
So what will be the incentive to produce and improve the conditions of production towards freeing more and more people from the drudgery of work.
Well, someone has to take out the garbage. Is it going to be you, or is it going to be your current garbage collector or his/her son/ daughter..will they do it willingly? After all why should anyone take out your garbage, produce steel tools, medicines, cars, etc. and that too not just once but year after year after year? - without some incentive?

We also know that just payment of wages is not enough- otherwise all the bureaucracy run countries like India, Pakistan, China would be heaven. Humans need much more to be effective workers and producers, but what?

any ideas??