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8-Nov-2005 9:20 pm


We must move on the international stage!

This is a good place to begin movement towards revolution. However, we must remember that it is the dialectic and class contradiction that Marxism is based on. At this point in history, capitalism has been changed, and the class contradictions are to a large extent based on national boundaries. With this in mind, we must organize internationally.

As Neoliberal Globalization changes capitalism in this new era, we, the anti-capitalists, must change as well. The old, Stalinist concept of "socialism in one country" has never been more flawed. A socialist revolution in only one country, such as the United States, has never been so impossible as now. In the western world, there is NOT a majority proletariat. In poorer countries, the proletariat IS the majority, however, these countries, nations like the United States use their military clout and their capital to shut down any proletarian movement. Due to this new dialectic, the world proletarian revolution MUST be fought internationally, and against American Capital.
As Chairman Mao once said: "If the US capitalists continue their policy of war and aggression, the day will come when the whole world will hang them"
Power To Worker's Councils!!!


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