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Dalton, Oxford
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29-Mar-2005 1:28 am

Now is the time to act!

Down With Communism!

Communism is an oppressive form of "government" in which the still-existant rich use the poor in slave labor to gain their ends. Yes. Believe it or not, there is still a section of society the is above the rest. It has always existed, and always will. Some live in the most lavish of lifestyles inherited by their office, like communist government officials, while the peasants work in the fields and factories! At least in capitalsim you work for your riches. The communist countries in the world...look at their failing economies and starving people! The standard of living goes down every day. North Korea, China, Cuba, Vietnam, nothing but monuments to the failures of mankind! All of them are economically unstable. Soon, they will all destroy themselves. Civil war will rage in those countries for many years to come. How long this lasts depends entirely on the sensible decisions of government officials, which involves switching to capitalism. And all the communist states call themselves "People's Republics". How dare they disgrace the good name of 'republic'! And I also have something to say to all you wannabe communists and anarchists: GET OUT OF OUR COUNTRY!!! You people are absolute disgraces to the name of America! Move to China or North Korea where we won't have to listen to your incessant babbling! We must unite under a common goal! All you Americans out there who share my views, it is time for us to act and bring the communist governments crashing down! Expell the radicals from our great country FOREVER! DOWN WITH COMMUNISM! LONG LIVE THE REPUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!