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11-Dec-2004 2:02 pm

I still have issues with this...

This site fails to mention a lot about ideology.

This site is an amazing attempt to try to rationalize the irrational and I commend you for your effort, however there is still alot that goes unanswered. For example, I was reading in the FAQ by Engels I believe it is, that the relationship between labor as a commodity and anything else as a commodity is that labor will only be paid at the very minimum of its requirements to sustain itself. While this makes perfect sense, I ask you then what are you trying to accomplish by "each according to his need..." If his basic needs are provided for by the very fundamentals of his labor in...

relationship to the econmic system in which he is subject to them what is it you feel is not provided for? Perhaps it should not be "each according to his needs" Perhaps it should be "each according to his wants." If that is the case then I think your main argument is lost. That being that people are somehow not provided for in a capitalistic society and in a communist society thier every whim would be provided for even though there is an obvious ammount of people which have extremely heavy needs and not very much skill. Another serious problem with communism relates again to this "need" factor. The very basic assumption is that when assesing the needs of society you must first be aware of what those needs are. Now advertising may seem corrupt to you, but it is people that are corrupt not the system. Advertising simply gains the knowledge needed to provide for every possible need of every possible person in society. In a society where there is no acknowledgement of what commodities are available to people there will be no way to evalutate what it is that people "need". It is obvious that there is no "one standard person" so in order to provide for people's needs there must be at least the ellement of choice involved in the distribution of necessities. Furthermore I am still unclear on exactly how you feel this classless society would be productive. There is no denying that there are certain neccesities that need to be provided for. If there are people with feet then shoes need to be made. How exactly will a collective group decide coherently on how to produce the shoes? Where to manufacture them, how much they will cost to produce? Who "needs" them more than others. Even in a democracy there muct be someone to count the ballots and that requires a certain authority. I don't care what you claim about this classless society, it is an impossibility and in the back of your mind you know that. I think there is a lot of misunderstanding about Marx for one thing. Marx never advocated a revolution. He was a historian and he believed that by the natural progression of time communism would overthrow captialism as a system, not that the PEOPLE would overthrow capitalism, simply that it would stop working and then communism would take over naturally. In so far as capitalism is working Marx had no way of overthrowing it and that is why you get this seudo-communism in the Soviet Union and China because it isnt supposed to be forced, and capitalism doesnt seem to be failing. In fact there are more and more technological advances every day. Why resort back to doing by hand what we have created machines to do for us? I see labor as being replaced by machines, and the labor force intergrating into the corporate world. I see education expanding and creating an Aristotle like social democracy where there is no need for a labor force because labor is taken care of by "slaves" i.e. machines, and the rest of society is able to pursue intellectual forms of work. It doesn't seem like any more of a strech than what i have been reading on this site.