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A.T., ND
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23-Nov-2004 11:44 pm

Communism? Not with human nature

Human Nature Cannot Allow the Existence of a Communist Society

The following sentence basically summarizes the opinion of most individuals who simply cannot agree with the concept of true communism and the theories of individuals such as Karl Marx: Human nature cannot allow a communist society to exist. The reason human nature is the primary barrier to a classless stateless society is that humans need some type of state to preside over them in order for them to have any hope of living and peace and harmony with other people. Karl Marx and Fredrich Engels forgot about one important word when formulizing their communist theories: greed.

If socialism would one day be achieved, there would obviously need to be a state that would expropriate all property and nationalize a nation's commodities so that proletarians would able to control their economy. However, there are always those individuals who, when they see enormous power coming upon their shoulders and the means to better their own interests, will take advantage of it. If someone owned an enormous gold mining company, and the government took it from them, there would be that one person who would supplement his greed and take some gold for himself. Can that advance society? In a communist society, there would be no state. How could unity possibly exist? How could there be peace? What if conflicts between people were to occur? What if a person murdered another? Who would punish him? What if there was a dispute between two individuals concerning, for example, some farm machinery and who has the right to use it? Who would settle it? What if there were individuals seeking to cause unrest? Who would keep them quiet? Would angry mobs keep the peace? Would angry mobs burn murderers and rapists? The existence of socialism and communism would not alter human nature; man always struggles against other men, and the idea that the hopes for proletarian triumph unites all men is absolutely false. No, a state always must exist; as long as human nature remains the way it is, anarchy would only spell disaster for mankind. Socialism is a breeding ground for the greedy desires of greedy individuals who have an opportunity to take property from individuals for their own personal usage; communism is a breeding ground for insane lunatics who would be able to do anything they please without any type of suppression or punishment. Also, the attempts to bring communism are also dangerous; one sees Lenin and the Bolsheviks in the early twentieth century; they attempted to bring a proletarian democracy, but look what resulted from their efforts: a one-party tyrannical police-state that slaughtered, oppressed, and exploited countless individuals for decades. Yes, socialism and communism are wonderful for story books, dreams, and imaginations, but in the world Almighty God created, socialism and communism will never work.