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Fariburz, Mazar
age: 20 - 30 years
Marxism-Leninism ( communist )
  Useful, but maybe a few problems
31-May-2004 3:10 pm

Proletariat is the last victor

Only decatatory of proletariat

Marxism is the only way to succed a real life. There is no solution for world main problems but refering to what marx and lenin say. Dectatorship of proletariat is the best policy which is the key of formation of a communist life. Deniers of dictatorship of proletariat, are triators and enemies of humanity. To day's proletariat should gain complete information from past proletarian struggles. They do have to be more serious and more awared then ever before. They do have to be steady in a holly battle against imperialism. workers of all world should unite. They do not have to forget the unity.

Reviewing the history of marxism, shows that there were real marxists whom really struggled for a real man and a better life of humanbeing. But what really suffers is a number of traitors whom, under flag og marxism, did many wrong actions. These traitors were agents and spies of imperialism. Many of these traitors charmed societies. At first they announced themselves as marxists and raised flag of communist, but in practics, they were the original and basic enemies of communism. Trotesk( previous president of Russia ) is one of these traitors whom charmed the communist world for a while , but finally his ugly actions and his real personality was discovered and all protariat understood that he was against marxism and as a result enemy of human. To day , proletariat should be more clever and aware of the politics, in this process they are obliged to study the previous history of communist raises and they have to gain a clear and deep thought of revolutionary ideology and practic.