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Antenora, Elkhart
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15-Feb-2004 1:49 am

Propaganda strikes again

Start in schools!!!!

In my high school economics class we were faced with a decision on one of our tests. We could take a communist test in which everyone got a C. A socialist test in which the totals were averaged and everyone got the same grade. Or the capitalist test where everyone got the grade they earned. Naturally everyone voted for the capitalist test (except for those afraid of failing who chose one of the others). I knew this was an incorrect interpretation of the differing economies but i couldnt out my finger on why. Then it hit me...

I told my teacher that a true socialist or communist test would be one in which everyone worked together ensuring that everyone got an A.
The point of the story is to show how much propaganda I deal with in high school. Most of my peers see communism and totalitarianism as the same. There are so many that are uninformed and I see high schools as a good place to start. I also see all the dischord among the left (i.e. independent thinker, progressive, anarchist, syndicalist, marxist....)as a turn off to people that question the bourgeois rule. I suggest we all just go by one name and unite against the capitalists. We can sort the rest out later.
-Sam 17 (Antenora is the level of hell for those treacheorus against their country according to Dante...I mock Dante, using his "sin" as my rally cry)