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Denís, Compostela
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15-Oct-2003 10:24 pm

Once upon a time...

Socialism did exist

Chile. 1970. Salvador Allende, leading the People's Union, a group merging the Socialist Party, the Communist Party, anarchists, syndicalists and radical christians, won the presidential elections of Chile. For three years, the country strode towards a brighter future, across and over any barriers raised by the northern eagle.

From the top of this page, and more explicitly from is concluded that "communism has never existed". I'd like to point an example, which has gained some more publicity these days, which matches closely your (and very much mine) idea of communism: The thousand days of Salvador Allende in Chile, from 1970 to 1973.

I think this is an important example, not to be forgotten, because of two reasons:

First, it is the only example (that I know of) of a sucessful transition from capitalism to communism through the democratic channels.

Second, it was the objective of the most far-fetched campaign ever launched against a nation. The US realized that with the victory of Allende the traditional shield behind which they sheltered, that communism meant repression and could only be achieved through violence and treason, had begun to shatter.


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