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Gen. Pinochet, Budapest
History PhD, age: 30 - 40 years
Burkean conservative
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28-Sep-2003 8:21 am

No For Any New Communist Shit

I hope the humankind would never repeat the Communist drama from 1945 to 1989

Unfortunately, what I have seen on this website is a great-great disappointment. I see people, many of them young, who have never cared of their fellows, very rich, who have avidly profited by the capitalist system, and full of Communist cliches. The time for political predictions is gone! Marx was living in the nineteenth century. If you are so egalitarian, why are you so rich? Why aren't you living your prosperous countries and go and live in Kazakhstan, Moldavia, Albania, North Coreea, Cuba, Belarus and so on, countries and peoples wildly raped by Communist regimes? Down with Communism!