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Christian 'The Red' Spurs, London
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10-Aug-2003 6:03 am

Where did it all go wrong

True Communism

Interestingly enough, my interest in Communism was sparked off by learning about Soviet Russia for GCSE History. With some further reading and research I began to realise that the Soviet Union was not True Communism. It was an exploitation of the Marxist Ideals and has therefore tarnished the Communist reputation of it being a cruel and ill-practiced dictatorship. I have always despised the view that Communism doesn't work, because how can you say if it works or not if it has not been properely practiced? I intend to change peoples views. I myself have written a manifesto on True Communism, going strict

We need a revolution, but don't force it, the time will come, and when it does, you will know that that is the time to strike.