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19-Jul-2003 10:39 pm

Progressive Socialist Mafia

The potential progress of a Communist revolution

I have to say after recently discovering the flawless progress this website nails the first step (which im sure most are already aware). The common goal of an ideal communist would really be peaceful and progressive anarchism. The question is how do you get there. The immediate response would be revolution. However, as Marx said you cannot have a revolution without a politisised proletariat, which is extremelt true. And I can see that this is the purpose of this site. The next step would be the violent revolution. Why violent?

Peacefully would be ideal, but the capitalists won't just let us walk in. Which is why we must immediately use violence to not allow any risk. This however isnt as easy as it may sound. My companions and i have thought of a solution that may sound bizarre at first. This is a progressive socialist mafia. Why use the term mafia? Because once one has the intelligent mass of prolteariat and bourgeosie abondonees, an underground network can be formed across the nation to rise up at the perfect time. Then of course socialism will be instituted with somewhat of brainwash education (for good of course) to educate futher the children of the ignorant.