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  Some really serious problems
1-Jul-2003 2:41 am

A response to K@rLo$ of Beirut

The truth should be your argumentative basis, not merely stating historical occurrences while implying wrong doing...

I ask you, K@rLo$ of Beirut, to rationalize your opinions of the events that the capitalist should apologize for, stated in your post dated 27-May-2003. You stated many implicit wrongs of free society, but have yet to admonish about the effects of socialism. Every type of society has its history of accomplishments and mistakes, but it is up to the individual to reason through these occurrences and arrive at truthful conclusions. Keep in mind, taking advantage of the innocent is a result of a lack of representation under anarchy, socialism, or authoritarianism, not capitalism in a free society.

Explain why capitalists need to apologize for colonialism. Colonialism expanded trade and brought wealth to nations. American colonialism opened up the East and furthered the cause of freedom. Of course the expansionism of territorial borders also brokered slavery and loss of freedom to some of the people being expanded upon. But it is not my responsibility, as a freethinking person, to apologize for the mistakes of self-serving people many generations past. When will people of your surety own up to reason and acknowledge today for what it is – the results of the birth of free society. Free societal nascence is never simple and easy, but rather, it takes time, patience, thought and effort to obtain an equitable society.

Explain why capitalists need to apologize for the so-called 14-hour day. Since when is a long day forced upon a worker under free society? According to the widely accepted concept of thought, no one individual in free society will do anything he or she does not want to do. The consequences of not working will surely bring hardship, but it is up to the individual to make that decision as to what he wants to do, not the social collective mass determining it for him. Advocates for obligatory employment are not free thinkers, supporters of free society, nor capitalists; they are socialists or authoritarians.

Explain why capitalists need to apologize for so-called class privilege. People of wealth naturally hold substantial interest in maintaining their wealth, i.e. accomplishments and rewards for ability. Are you subjectively implying that people of wealth do not deserve that wealth? Since when was circumstance and/or natural ability an injustice to society? In a free society, the wealthy do not have a monopolized political voice; people of average and below-average ability also speak with interest in self-preservation. Under socialism, the collective mass determines outcomes for all, thereby stifling the individual voice in the name of unsubstantiated claims of social morality.

Explain why capitalists need to apologize for the so-called 7-day working week -- why did you repeat an issue that you already listed? See the above argument against the need for capitalists to apologize for the so-called 14-hour day for relevance.

Explain why capitalists need to apologize for children in coal mines. Any example of children working in coal mines is not the result of a free society or capitalism, but rather the result of lawlessness and/or governmental misrepresentation in order for people to take advantage of the innocent and unprotected.

Explain why capitalists need to apologize for the opium war. This historical occurrence is suggestive of why the American colonies broke away from the rampant, unchecked, misrepresentative nation of England. It was British government warships, not merchant warships, that attacked and took control of Shanghai, Nanking, and other Chinese cities. When rational thinkers are elected to government to represent their constituents, objective decisions are typically made. When irrational and emotional people are elected, subjective decisions are typically made, hence the opium war. It is the responsibility of the people to elect equitable representatives… It is not the capitalist’s responsibility to apologize for the actions of a rash government over 150 years ago.

Explain why capitalists need to apologize for the so-called massacre of the Paris Commune. Revolutionaries drove the French Army from the city after the Prussians derided the French Army from power. The socialist government that arose from this obvious advantage of disorder attempted to take over the businesses and factories in Paris at the expense of people’s freedoms. The Paris Commune established an army of its own and was well prepared for any outside attack from the ousted French Army. But the French Army was determined to reinstate liberty for all people and eventually took Paris back from the socialists. The outright battle between these two well-equipped armies was intentional, but the outcome was not foretold. When battle occurs, there will almost always be an apparent winner and loser. The Paris Commune was the obvious loser in this case and will forever be remembered as such by objective historians. The admission that the Paris Commune was well-trained and well-equipped typically does not come from socialist speech, but does from historical speech. The professed massacre of innocent socialists is rhetoric clearly biased towards the endorsement of the socialist cause.

Explain why capitalists need to apologize for slavery. People tend to become very sensitive when it comes to placing blame on a group of people for slavery. Slavery is clearly reprobation of unalienable rights and liberties inherent to the individual. Notably, most freethinking people of today are not proud of the slave industry propagation and would arguably fight to the death to prevent it from happening again. But, reiterating, it is not the individual’s responsibility today to be apologetic for the actions of the immoral people of yesterday. History is something to be studied and learned from, not a construct for placing blame or the basis for receiving compensation for actions of past generations.

Explain why capitalists need to apologize for the Spanish-American War. The U.S. was attempting to free Cuba from the oppressive Spanish government. The U.S. was also conducting expansionist policies in order to promote trade around the world, which included building the Panama Canal, a benefit to all who use it and to the Panamanian people. After freeing the Philippines from Spanish rule as well, the Philippines became a free nation under self-rule. And finally, the U.S. obtained territorial control of Guam, which was instrumental in achieving success in the battle against Japan in WWII.

Explain why capitalists need to apologize for The Boer War. The Boers attacked the English first. The English responded and in 3 years, destroyed the Boers. Both Boer and the England were capitalist-supporting nations. As with all wars, innocent people are killed. What is your argument again?

Explain why capitalists need to apologize for starvation. OK, lets see… Over 20 million people were starved to death or executed under Stalin. Over 65 million people were starved to death or executed under Mao. Over 1 million people were starved to death or executed under red Vietnam. Over 2 million people were executed or starved to death under Pol Pot in Cambodia, almost a 1/3 of the national population. Over 1 million people were starved to death or executed under Castro. Almost 2 million people were starved to death under Kim Jong Il in North Korea, as recently as the mid-1990’s! You have some major explaining to do, Mr. K@rLo$ of Beirut, regarding your accusation of sole capitalist fault for starvation.

Explain why capitalists need to apologize for chemical weapons. Chemical weapons were hoarded by the Soviets. In fact, the Soviets had the largest stockpiles of chemical agents in human history. Who do you think Saddam Hussein obtained mustard gas from in order to use against the Iranians and Kurds in the 1980’s? THE SOVIET UNION.

Explain why capitalists need to apologize for hunger marches. Pol Pot emptied the capital city of Cambodia and surrounding cities in the 1970’s of over 3 million people, including the sick, elderly, and the young. For the next 2 years, almost 2 million of those people died as they marched north or worked in the fields, forcibly. Pol Pot obtained financial, military, and ideological support from China, Vietnam, and the Soviet Union, whilst leftist politicians in the U.S., such as Senator Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts, aided the communists by ending funding and military support for the free people of Cambodia so that they would be slaughtered by the red insurgence. And you state capitalists should apologize for hunger marches?

Explain why capitalists need to apologize for Israel. I will not apologize for Israel, in fact, I will support the state of Israel with every ounce of my soul as long as I (and 300 million Americans) live. Remember, it was Hitler that exterminated 6 million Jews during WWII and also very much resembled Stalin, who killed over 20 million of his own people, including 10 million Ukrainians in the name of collectivism (i.e. your outwardly apparent religion, otherwise known as socialism). The nation of Israel was created in agreement of the world governing body called the U.N. in November 1947. If you disagree with the General Assembly’s decision (which even included the USSR in support for the creation of Israel) take it up with them. LONG LIVE ISRAEL AND PALENSTINE, TOGETHER AND FOREVER IN PEACE.

Explain why capitalists need to apologize for the heroin and cocaine trade. An unfortunate consequence in any society is the proliferation of substance abuse. To counter this natural phenomenon, governments typically illegalize drugs, thereby increasing the incentive to producers to sell drugs by driving up prices. This tendency is not only inherent to the capitalist system, but to all societies. The places where drugs are typically mass grown and produced occur in countries where free systems of government have not been fully established and the rule of law is not fully and equally enforced. Current examples include Columbia, Cambodia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Thailand.

Explain why capitalists need to apologize for the death of 50,000,000 communists. I think you’re misinformed – it was the commies who killed themselves off. And it was more like 100,000,000.

There are more items that you’ve stated capitalists need to apologize for – I will get to them in another post when I get bored with other drab socialist posts. Until then, regroup, start thinking, and stop basing your stance on irrational and emotional rhetoric.

In conclusion, socialism must be fought, as a healer would battle a disease. Materialism-based morals, unsubstantiated collective righteousness, suppression of thought, strangulation of voice, eradication of spirituality, and the true equalization of the human being must not be allowed to take hold in the U.S. There are millions upon millions of Americans like me – we will fight to the death in order to prevent the destruction our nation from a socialist revolution. Yet we will also fight for the people who vocally belittle our system because we believe that expression of ideas is paramount to the human experience, albeit skewed and demented.

My lifestyle, my choice, my voice, my God, my freedom, my liberty.


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