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24-Jun-2003 4:48 am

Its Very Hard to Believe

Our Lives

One day after getting home from school I tried to take a look at what my life would be like some time from now and the thought simply appauled me. I saw a world in fear of a massive world war that could destroy the earth and I found that there was little I could do about it since I would be at work the vast majority of my life. I'm not saying that this is a way to stop the people from taking action against the government, but you must admit that all of this thankless work by the people takes up so much time and energy that they may not have the time or funds to try and help society.

I believe that everyone should work towards a greater goal, but in America and all around the world for that matter I really look on with a sad expression as managers of big corporations line their pockets while workers that don't have that kind of power labor away all day every day and get a small fraction of what the businessmen are making. I like to think of myself as intelligent and even though I could make something out of my future I don't want to do it at the expense of others who are not living as well as I am. Communism would undoubtabley be the key that would unlock a new world where everyone worked towards a common goal. That goal would be a perfect society and everyone would help each other. People making more would give to those making less to better their living conditions and the class system would be abolished to create a completely free and equal society that was free of the boundries created capatalism. And by this I mean that in a capatalist country a small amount of officials rule over corporations like nations and exploit workers to get even more money. Money that they don't need and money that others really DO need. The only problem I see in creating a communist government or trying to revolutionize the government would be popular opinion. We would have to show that all we ment to do was good. The only thing standing in our way is the impression in history left by the Soviet Union. Hopefully this will be overcome so that we can work towards a better and brighter future. To do this we need to come together now and get or views out there. I desperately want to tell people that communism is not what it appears to be, but often people don't want to listen and won't. Hopefully people begin to understand that it isn't what dictators have melded it into. This will no doubt take work, but I'm sure eventually, maybe even some time soon, we can overcome popular, but very wrong opinion and start working towards a better world...a world of freedom and equality.


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