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C.L. Griffith, Hollister
writer and speaker, age: 10 - 20 years
uniting all workers partys under one
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29-May-2003 12:24 am

the "poison candy" theory

capitalism and pioson candy

My theory is that capitalist government portrays itself and its economy as something sweet and good, but inside it is nothing but a horrible desease eating away at itself. it hurts everything it touches. But it is weakening itself by tearing away at the outside of its lie, and it will soon be exposed to the world as the monstrous system it really is. The poison of hate, greed and fascism is being exposed and yet as long as there is a little bit of that sweet coating left people will continue to be deceived. we must leave behind our nationalistic pride and band together to acheive a...

common goal.that goal is the creation of a perfect society, free of hatred and violence. deep in everyones mind this idea is rooted, but they must free their minds and tap into this ideal. but before this happens we will go through a time of great trials. we must train ourselves to be ready for this time. many will die but they will know that they gave their lives for a purely honorable cause. whether we acheive our goals through doplomatic or armed revolt we must always stand firm in the path, for it will be rocky. for those of us that die, the rest will remember what we gave our lives for, for we are all heroes of the people, from the great leader Karl Marx and Frederick Engels to V.I. Lenin to the poorest peasant and worker, may we always remember what they gave and never may we stray from what they died to acheive. If I survive, I hope i will see you all there. May Marxs and Lenins teachings stay with us forever. May we all be faithful unto death.

your comrade until death,
C.L. Griffith


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