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22-May-2003 8:46 pm

History repeats itself

This the best chioce

A trend towards the middle class having control in governing their affairs is a logical choice. A clear path for some of the good aspects of America to re-emerge is what I see. I think that the middle class should govern themselves...however it wouldn't work in this day and age without integrating it slowly. The general public knows very little of socialism except how evil their government say it is. Education, without sounding too radical would be key. Presenting the information in a non-aggressive way
would give people the chance to decide for themselves.

I'm a 17 year old middle class white boy. I live in a small, moderate-republican town in Western Massachussetts. My first political awareness was the 2000 Election. I started following closely international news after September 11th. As I am developing a stronger and stronger sense of the world around me, I do not like what I see. I see an arrogant governement taking advantage of what so many people have worked so hard to achieve. Remember everyone, the American government was founded by wealthy middle class bankers and lawyers. For governing domestic affairs, who else to tell then people what to do, than the people?