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Francisco, atlanta
student/worker, age: 10 - 20 years
i would define me as a liberal communist
  Useful, but maybe a few problems
17-May-2003 2:37 am

Communism can and will work

Seeing the principle as a community of excepting people who work toghether

Communism, is hard to defing it has never really worked. it has amazing promises and principles but many who have taken control have not acept opposition, with the cause of death. i believe in communism as much as myself, it is a very important way that people should understant how to live with, not that they have to, but i think it would play a great role in our society.

im against capitalism and imperialism, i do though understand much disagreement and opposition from many people. in my school i have talked to alot of teachers and friends of the background that communism holds, that it is a fairly but hard process to have the same resources no matter what you are or have. now a days the richer are getting richer and the pourer are getting even more poor. i come from a background of many pridgedise and hate , im not from the U.S. but have learned so much since i have lived here for almost six years. and even though i get many bad support i stay focused and feel proud of my opinions and ideas.