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John, Auburn
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9-May-2003 10:32 pm

A system for losers.....

Only those too lazy to apply themselves fall for this nonsense....

Once in awhile I like to see how the "dark side" is thinking and this takes the cake! How can anyone defend a system that murdered over 100 million people in its short lifetime? Heck, religions did not kill that many in a short period?

Until you people come to grips that monsters like Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Ho Chi Minhn, and countless others during the bloody history, communism will always be considered as a wart on the rectum of mankind.

You people can make all the excuses you want, but the simple matter is that human nature will not permit such an economic and political system to work. What is the point? What are we supposed to do? Work and go home?

What about leisure? Will we be able to vacation in Orlando and go to Disney World? Will we be able to take cruises in the Caribbean? Will we be able to attend football games? What if I want to buy a bigger house? What if I want to buy a second house? What if I were to buy that 27' SeaRay cruiser I always wanted? Take it further: What if I wanted to buy a Gulfstream IV?

Any person, especially in the US, can accomplish any of those things if we make good choices in our lives. Starting from studying in school or watching stupid cartoons. Or getting pregnant while in school (or getting someone pregnant). Or completing education and applying oneself in the job market. Granted there will always be those who have to dig the ditches or cook the fries. Bottom line: Make good choices: Have all the things you want. Make bad choices: Dig ditches or flip burgers.

But in ya'll utopian dream, why should I study hard in school and go on to be highly educated if I have to settle for the same salary as a garbageman?

You people need to get a grip on reality. Yes, capitalism has its flaws, but at least capitalism has not used state-sponsered murder to advance its goals.


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