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  Some really serious problems
9-May-2003 12:12 am

Oppression is not the answer

It is within the individual and his selfishness that society will continue to succeed

Capitalism invokes different perceptions from different people. Supporters of capitalism often envision freedom, liberty, morality, spirituality, and opportunity. Supporters of socialism often see capitalism in a different way, often using words such as selfishness, greed, hedonism, nationalism, and the like to describe it. Both views are correct.

Socialists often label capitalists as selfish. This is done to incite an emotional response from emotionally driven people. If an emotional person labels another as selfish, he typically believes that person lacks some form of inner enlightenment that he, the socialist, has already attained through biased personal feelings. When the socialist speaks of selfishness, he believes that entails a desire to do others wrong, to suppress others for the individual's benefit, to take advantage of others, and to maintain his excessive lifestyle. A socialist often uses that label as a means of attempting to denigrate a capitalist, when in reality, selfishness is the drive for the individual to succeed, to better himself, to make a better life for him and his family, to achieve recognition for hard work, to ensure his health, to ensure his comfort, to maintain his children's well-being, and the list goes on.

Since when was self-preservation, in subjective terms, wrong? Why do socialists maintain selfishness as detrimental to society's general welfare, when in fact, it is the reason American society has become so successful, and other nations strive to emulate us. American society provides freedom and opportunistic choices for the individual to determine his path in life, whether it is rising to the top of the business or political world, sinking to the bottom as a destitute beggar, or finding a niche somewhere in between. It is up to the individual to determine his own destiny in life, not the government to impose their unfounded collective ideas of societal righteousness on the individual.

The opposite of selfishness, selflessness, is often used as a qualifier to describe the socialist cause. Again, through the use of the word, the socialist attempts to incite emotion by depicting themselves as someone who works for the benefit of others while fighting the selfish. When in fact, the socialist works for the true equalization of the masses, thereby suppressing individual wants, freedoms, and desires in exchange for the supposed benefit of the whole. True equalization, a marxist ideology, asserts everyone is equal and should be compensated as such. Hence people of ability are smothered due to lack of incentives to achieve and people of inability are rewarded with equal income, housing, and healthcare for simply being. Forced repression of a group based on their natural ability to achieve is unnatural. Could selflessness possibly be a descriptive emotional cover for an implied agenda of social control?

So with this argument in mind, is the meaning of selfishness really what the socialist intends? Could the socialist possibly convince people of emotional insecurities through the use of emotion that their cause is somehow virtuous? When will the socialist own up to reason and acknowledge human ability in itís natural form?



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