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D.J., pinckney
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i call it equalism. i am an equalist.
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7-May-2003 10:01 pm



please read what i have to say. it cant be done any other way. thank you.

ok i think that i need to say more. what job could a society do with out? none of them. all jobs are equal because they exsist the same applies with people. if no one made food we would all starve. if their were no doctors no one would be healed. if no one picked up any trash we would all die of the smell. the reason that they are all equal is that not everyone would want to do every job. no one could. because people don't want to be alone they come together into * ta da * a society. sure doctors go to school longer to become one. so what. isnt school like work? so couldn't their longer time in school just be considered time they send working. so wouldn't people become doctors because society needs doctors? the basic question is do you value yourself or others more than yourself? people would need to push themselves to do the best that they can for others and in a way themselves aswel. push yourself to be the best because maybe if you are the greatest you will go down in history. or just do your best for others and hope that everyone does their best for you. work can not be avoided. it is a given we would all have nothing if no one worked, so why not work in a together in a society to have as much as we all can.

confusious, dont know if thats the right spelling, says that it all comes down to our own personal atitudes. the lazy of the society would kill themselves off, they would become their own stolin. it would be fate.


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