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D.J., pinckney
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i call it equalism. i am an equalist.
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7-May-2003 9:37 pm



please read what i have to say. it cant be done any other way. thank you.

i hope by diong this what i said before was not erased. equalism doesn't take away peoples right to choose. some people are not as cut throat as other people so they will never be as wealthy. they dont have the competative edge that drives it because they don't like to see other suffer from what they have. the only choice that is taken away is the choice of expoiting other people for the gain of the few. sence one factory can't produse their product for the entire country, or world, so other factories would produce the same type of product. so people would be able to choose what type of product they would want to buy. and not all people are the same so their would be a demand for all different styles of the same type of product. it would be what you wanted. not all people would want to wear the same clothes so of course their would be different types of clothes made.

communism has start always started at the bottom. the poorest countries because more of them would gain eqaulity. if it were to start within a rich country with all of the freedoms that we have i think that it would flurish. freedoms of the individual would have to be key. it could only work if their were no powerful class who made all of the desitions. no capitalist stolonist government. pure democracy.


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