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D.J., pinckney
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i call it equalism. i am an equalist.
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7-May-2003 9:09 pm



please read what i have to say. it cant be done any other way. thank you.

to start i say that we need to start. talking does nothing and just wastes time. it is now. that is all that we have. we all know what needs to be done. the wealth from the rich needs to be spred like butter over toast to all of the people. the hard part is how do you do it. we know that they will not give it away for free, so it must be taken. that is where it becomes hard because this country is the richest and it has the strongest army. it spends 276.7 billion dollars. that is more than the nine other biggest spenders combined. so how do you beat the richest army in the world? you don't fight them. an army without weapons is the only army that can win. so if they killed us it would be a massacre. and it would prove to the world and this country that the most valued thing in this country is not its democratic roots but its capitalist roots. so they couldn't kill us and we would win.
what i want is to love those that have opressed me through money. i do not want to harm them in any way just make them equal to everyone else. i would also like to get rid all money. to make sure that the government of this society stays good it would mean that their would need to be a pure democracy. in other words if everyone could afford a computer, and they can, than every day every person would be able to vote on every issue in the government. the army couldn't move nothing could happen with out the say of the people everyday. its not 1776 and communication is easy! their would be no powerful.


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