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Peter, Missoula
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  Some really serious problems
27-Apr-2003 3:50 pm

Without the freedom to choose...

Socialism & communism are plagues to human existence

Has the world not learned from the horrendous mistakes of Stalin, Mao, Castro, and the likes? People need to remember the following facts about socialism/communism:
1. Under Stalin, 20 million people were executed or starved to death.
2. Under Mao, 65 million people were executed or starved to death.
3. When the U.S. pulled out of Vietnam in the 1970's, over 1 million people were executed or starved to death AFTER the north Vietnamese took control of the south.

4. When the U.S. pulled military support from Southeast Asia in the 1970's (under pressure from leftist politicians), Pol Pot in Cambodia rose to power. He emptied the capital city (2 million people, including children, the sick, and the elderly) and surrounding cities. Out of the estimated 7 million people in that country during 1972-1974, over 2 millions people were executed or starved to death -- almost 1/3 of the country's population.
5. When Castro came to power in Cuba, it is estimated that over 1 million cubans have been executed, starved to death, or placed in jails for the rest of their life due to disagreement in political thinking.
6. During the 1990's, North Korea allowed the starvation of almost 2 million of it's own citizens in order to maintain it's military.

If, as you purport, socialism/communism is necessary in order for workers to rule themselves, why have so many people been killed off by their own leaders to maintain power? Any dissident way of thinking would be outlawed and rebelling people eliminated so that the workers would keep power, under your definition of socialism. Freedom would be lost and absolute rule would be enforced.

A central idea that separates our (the U.S.) capitalist system from that of a socialist/communist system is the issue of equality. Under our current system, capitalists believe in the equality of opportunity (choice) -- the right of any individual to think for themselves, to do what they want in life, to determine their future, to buy what they want to buy, to live where they want to live, to go where they want to go, and, ultimately, to be what they want to be. Under a socialistic system, the equalization of outcome is paramount -- people do not determine their destiny, but rather, the mass determines it for them, through high taxation (limiting or eliminating one's buying power, which is freedom in and of itself), extinguishing people's right to speak/think freely (to maintain order), forcing labor (eliminating an individuals choice to determine their own destiny in life), and smother the religious and spiritual (when 95% of the world's population believes in some form of deity).

Capitalism provides incentive to work -- money, or the power to buy goods that satisfy consumer wants and needs. What incentive will there be to work under socialism? What about those who refuse to work but yet are sustained by the hard work of others? Will they in turn be sent to a labor camp, perhaps to be "re-educated"?

Please explain how a minority obtains a voice under socialism. If the majority decides the fate of the whole, how are minority voices heard?

A lot of people are employed to produce luxuries and non-essential items in our current system. What would those people do under a socialist system? Would they still produce those items, produce something else, or not produce anything at all? Or would they eventually be eliminated because they do not pose a benefit to society any longer?

How would people of different abilities be compensated? Will an engineer, who requires extensive and continual education, reap the same benefits of that of a janitor, which requires no personal betterment? What incentive would someone have to become, say, an engineer if there is no reward for their additional and continual hard work?

What scientific study, logic, or rationale supports the socialist/communist ideals? From history and objective reasoning, one can conclude this system is not workable and even harmful to society due to the suppression of ability, lack of incentive, elimination of freedoms and choices, and censorship of spirituality.

From the amount of rhetoric put forth by socialists and communists, when will you give logical support in the validity of those systems that does not include the suppression of people's inherent freedoms and rights? The world awaits your answer, but respond quickly, because the socialists/communists of the world are hastily becoming extinct.



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