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16-Apr-2003 3:19 pm

Land of the Slaves!

How America got so Powerful

America became powerful because it was able to exploit so many people. America stole it's land from the Native Americans, then used Black Slaves to develope the economy. After Slavery was abolished, they began to use a new kind of slavery "wage slavery". We were the last country in the "western democracies" to ban slavery. We were also the last to have a strong labor movement. We killed thousands and thousands of native americans just to get the land we have today, and we are the most imperialistic of all nations.

When Bush says America is about freedom, he is lying. Plenty of other countries got freedom before we did. America is about letting the capitalist and the racist do as he pleases until it finally gets out of fashion in the world.
America continues it's corporate imperialism in the world. The third world is full of U.S. run sweat shops. Some of the Labor Abuse is even done in our own nation to illegals and migrant farm workers.
Until America can be revolutionized, or at least changed to the progressive leftism, it is the enemy of the workers. America didn't get to the top because of freedom, it got there because of basic evil and exploitation.


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