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22-Mar-2003 3:59 pm

The Good class

A simple notion - Good is the only valid ideology

Good, what we percieve it as individually should be the measure of all men and women.
I have no poltical ideology. I admire the good in all ideologies and despise anything that causes me anger and frustration. That is how I recognise what is right, it feels good, it is good, it feels wrong, it is wrong.

I believe in democracy. I oppose Capitalist philosophy because of only one issue: The right to profit by ones actions, or the right to property. I believe that once you remove the idea of property from a political system, any political system you begin to see it as having merit. So long as the notion of property and ownership exists there can never be a "free world". Ideas of freedom and rights of the individual evident in capitalist philosophy have a strong appeal. Freedom is a powerful word and without recognising the freedom of the individual there will be difficulties in achieving acceptance of any ideology.
I am not a well educated man, nor am I an idiot. When I read communist theory I find much in it that is good. Equality is good, but control of the individual is worrying. The right to live ones life by ones own ideals and notions of truth are good in Capitalist theory, but the idea that property is a right angers me more than any issue I have with any political theory I have read.

I believe in the good. I believe that men and women are essentially good. I believe that what is good can never be self serving but must by definition be altruistic. If I take from this world I have robbed it. I have said that this thing I have is mine, and it cannot be so.

A simple test of what is good is this:

what if all life is about to be destroyed? The good man was still a good man, he would not change what he does knowing that this end to existance was coming. The selfish man the man who takes property and calls it his own, he is left with nothing, his whole life is suddenly meaningless, empty, his value, the value he placed in things is shown in those last moments of life to be wasted.

Act only by what you know to be good and you will never be left disappointed.