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8-Mar-2003 4:26 am

Re-Writing History

21st Century communism

The Proletarian dictature shoud stop when the Bourgeoisie is overthrown

Since the 19th century, with the extention of democracy in Europe, the working class, which has been oppressed since the early beginnings of society, rises. Great men such as Karl Marx and Frederich Engels, had a vision of a world free of misery, of slavery, of wars. Those men wrote down their names forever in history as the only men who stood up in front of capitalism. now, its time for us to fufill what they have begun..

Communism has been used since the beginning by individuals seeking profit, and not by the working class. This caused the world to rally against the communist doctrine and to degenerate it. However, with the help of thousands of our comrades, communism will emerge triumphant as the worker's rule, and not as a bureaucracy. That's why, when the bourgeoisie is overthrown, the proletarian dictature must become a proletarian democracy, and not remain as a dictature (like in the Soviet Union). HAIL TO MARX, HAIL TO THE WORKERS