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Ickle Che, Haywards Heath
Student, age: 10 - 20 years
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27-Apr-2002 6:12 am


The revolution is close but not without the peoples' help.

In 1967 the one man who i belive was ever a credit to socialism died. But he left his work to be done. Che guevara wanted to change society and the capitilist regime, but could never manage to fulfill his dream. But now people are starting to think again and we are very very pissed off. We don't like the fact that we work day in and day out with out any questions and are then payed a pittance. We don't like the fact that politicians are throwing empty promises at us without any regrets. We don't like the fact that we work our hardest but are never appreciated.But now we can TAKE THE POWER BACK

I am Kris, a member from the newly formed RRS party. We are a small group of pissed off socialists. We have created this "party" to try and change the injustices performed all around the world everyday. But we would like to stress that we are not dictatorial, we are not totalitarian, we are socialist in the scientific sense of the word not the "bullshit". But we cannot do anything by ourselves, we need your help and loyalty.



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