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Dylan, Harrisburg,PA
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  Useful, but maybe a few problems
5-Mar-2002 4:17 pm

My question is:

Globalization poses major problem to worthy idea

The globalization of economies makes a plan like the controlling of businesses by a less educated/ leaderless class difficult.

The most difficult part of this plan is keeping the working class's standard of living equal, or higher than it was before the revolution. Without capital, and with the extreme dependency on international trade to maintain the standard of living, it will be impossible to maintain a socialist society unless the PEOPLE ARE ECONOMICALLY BETTER OFF THAN THEY WERE BEFORE THE REVOLUTION. The Workers Pary must ITSELF generate education equal to that of the Capitalists. I see no other way of keeping the Capitalists down after the revolution than to simply do as well or better financially than they did. Without funding, The movement would stagnate do to lost support by a now poorer working class. Business would crumble as would hopes to stay in power.

It is these problems that result in police state. When the masses realize that they were better off, the only way to maintain control is through a police/gestapo system.

The masses as a whole will certainly support anything which betters their daily lives. In order to keep their support they must believe that just that is happening. No matter who you are or what your beliefs, you know that this will take capital of some sort. Unless the new "workers nation" wishes to become isolationist, it must produce at an equal or higher rate in a very short period of time.

I see this as the main obsticle in the essay. The essay was, however, very informative and idealistic. A pleasure to read, its ideals garner my compasion and support.