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Greg, Perth
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4-Jul-2001 11:25 pm

Political Convergence

Democracy and strategy.

Comrade you are more on the right track than any I have yet come across. I particularily like your phrase about Proletarian dictatorship in a MODERN SOCIETY, in a nutshell it says it all about the outmoded views which have become associated with Lenin. On technology I concur while your view about the outward political nature of proletarian parties within the dictatorship of the proletariate is spot-on.

Please have a look at my article "On the Vexed Question of Socialism" on the site which attempts to square away the present nature of capitalism in terms of Marx's original historical conceptions.

Presently I am writing a little piece on Lenin's imperialism and the modern world which I hope will become available at the same site mentioned above.

Aside from such theoretical endevours I very much share your view about the political importance of communications and would like to begin discussing technical issues about it. I am still amazed at the ludditism and lack of imagination of so many professed communists.

To this end and within the constraints of emerging technology the image I would put forward as the immediate objective is in the form of a cyber University of Historical Materialism. As a first step, acknowledging the dire need for clarity on one hand, and the political divisions that exist on the other. Out of this I believe a natural extension could be made into political organisation through the new medium.

I would be interested in any thoughts on the issue.

Congratulations comrade for your site - you have launched yourself into the midst of what for me was merely an imagined step. It does my heart good to see that someone has taken the reins and gone where we all must follow.

Greg Schofield
Perth Australia


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