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Samantha (Redmarx) 18-Apr-2007
Lenin LIVES!!!!
True Heroes
The rule by the working class would be a society without
people such as Ebert & Roeper that simply watch movies
& get paid. Rewarding laziness is a crime, people that work
all day in construction or the sweaty job of farming will be rewarded for doing REAL work. Not ignored & even disliked for not being 'clean.' They do the hard jobs that allow us to have those little things we take for granted. It all sounds impossible to create a society like this, but there's a first time for everything. The current society looks up to the people that make millions in the stock market or people like
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Nikolai 7-Dec-2006
Complacency Has Run Rampant
The Revolutionary Marxist Movement has Deradicalized as the need for action has become Imperative!
As marxist groups deradicalize across the globe a heightened need for party organization and direct action has increased. Ever since the subsequent demise of the USSR, globalist imperialist powers wars and occupations have heightened the necessity for revolution. The decrease in party militancy has resulted in a compromise against the struggles of underdeveloped countries and the struggles of the workers within those countries. Lenin's thesis on imperialism has only become more true as the communist parties of the world have become less radical.
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JesusMarx 27-Nov-2006
Destroying Lenin...
Why the plan undermines Lenin's philosophy
What the article doesn't fully explain, are the full benefits of Proletariat rule, which outweigh any possible impacts from no bourgeis rule...
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John Brown 21-Nov-2006
Rethinking Modern Democracy
Democracy by Random Selection not Elections
Until the 19th Century, democracy was associated with selection of offices by lottery, not election. Lottery is ultimately fair and egalitarian, allowing everyone to participate who so wishes, merely by putting one's name in the pool of candidates. Modern methods of statistical science allows us also to create social administrative bodies that are representative of the population. In Cottrell and Cockschott's Towards a New Socialism, they recommend that referenda be combined with functionally-specific administrations of officers selected by lot to create a free, democratic society.
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Nationalism and Proletariates
Does not work
I hate to break it to you, but government period does not work. The bourgeoisie were proletariates. They rose up, and became a dominant class. The only way for effective government is complete and utter global representation with out corporate influence. However, this would involve many confliction view points. One would have to unite the entire globe under a single relgion, culture, ect...
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poonus 26-Oct-2006
Free-Market Libertarian Conservative
Sorry fuckers
29 hits, yeah keep working to mobilize the masses there you subversive fucks. For the record I will defend to the death the capitalist system, and I am what you would call a worker myself. The inherent contradictions between your "theories" and reality are far reaching indeed, but hey, keep living in "la la land" if it suits your fancy, capitalism provides you with that freedom. You have no interest in "the people," you only care about people like yourselves and things being done in only your way. You fucks would team up with Islamo-fascists to promote your "struggle." Eat shit and die.
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Communist and idealist.
What's up with Fascism?
The Fascists Pillage freedom!
I'm Lt Misha Straskov of a Communist Secret police that exists in my imagination. I'd like to say that the fascists pillage freedom. Just Last night i was told to turn off "That infernal racket" (Jazz music). I fight for equality, but no one listens to me. sure they all laugh when i claim a Table or chair for communism, but then they all thell me " Misha, your a teenager, not some communist policeman. Live a little dont be dragged by yourself and idealism." Damn the fascits.
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Idealist. Communist Rhydianism idealist.
The Communist Idealist!
The Communist Idealist!!
My intention is to give out the ideas of my Idealism. I'm a 13 year old teen with a lot of time to philosiphize on things. My beleif is that Everyone is equal, but contrary to the communist idea of one plane of existance, i beleive that there is more than one existance.
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Bormivesf 23-Mar-2006
IT realy WORKS

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Nick 25-Feb-2006
Communist/ Humanist
Let's make even a bigger impact!
We don't want to give the society to people like Stalin.
Let's forget our hate towards the bourgeois for a moment. first look at our selfs. We need radical changes in our system of live, stop the unfairness but when we create our Communist world we mustn't forget that we are doing this for the greatness and weaknisses of Humanity. So we should proof our selfs better then the bourgeois and not take revenge. Just take every Human as he is. Why should we do different! that's why we need to bring all the left party's togehter and fight under one flag. Then we could have councils of philosofers and a goverment chosen by ALL people, in our guidlines.
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everyone believes in Darwin. Survival of the fittest. But any logical peson will see the contraditions between communism and"survival of the fittest". You see,i am an indian. i have seen many people opf the poorest backgrounds, work ahrd , become rich. life here needs motivation. in a communist state , this will be lacking. second have you considered, \challenged people,both mentally and physically, who cannot contribute and whose number will increase rapidly
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Josh 27-Dec-2005
The Political Right is Right!
Communism Will Never Work
The theories and policies of Hitler, Mussolini, and Franco are more politically relevant to solving the world's economic and social problems of the world than Marx and Lennin's. I am not a white suppramicist, but I know that you can never combat capitalism and win. It is fullish to try, when it will invent extralegal, extraconstitutional governments to relace the failures of democracy. Fascist corporatism is supperior to socialism. Fascism will be the wave of the future once again. Down with Marx down with evil Communism! Sieg Heil! Seig Heil! God Bless America
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dug 23-Dec-2005
anti-revisionist communist
Sounds like Democracy
Talking yourself into Democracy and Capitalism
In trying to solve the problems of Marxism you substitute one party for many parties that compete. Sounds like democracy. Other parts sound like capitalism.
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non profit incentive
what can be the incentive to produce in a socialist order
As we all know that it is the accumulation of surplus value or profit that is the dangling carrot in capitalism. It is this incentive that drives the engine for the daily production and reproduction of capitalism.
What can be the incentives that will propell production in a socialist society?
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L.D. 8-Nov-2005
We must move on the international stage!
This is a good place to begin movement towards revolution. However, we must remember that it is the dialectic and class contradiction that Marxism is based on. At this point in history, capitalism has been changed, and the class contradictions are to a large extent based on national boundaries. With this in mind, we must organize internationally.
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Capitalist 4-Nov-2005
Laziness should NOT be rewarded
A capitalist soceity works for those with ambition & a desire to better one's self and thier family.
One of the problems with capitalism is the potential for certain people to be "left out" or have no true means of supporting themselves. Now, there can be many reasons for this. If for instance they are physically or mentally unable to support themselves then there are social programs allready in place to help those people, granted it's not perfect & should be modified. Then there are those who simply do not want to work and contribute to soceity. Should the goverment support them? I think not.

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Berianov 29-Oct-2005
Whoever disagrees with me is against me!!
Tips for killing people you don't like:

- make it look like an accident-
- blame other people (I did it myself)-
- use poison which will 'evaporate' inside the body-
- when you are a doctor: just give your patient an overdosis morphine!
- when you have power, use that power to get communists to high places, replace all capitalists in high positions! In this point of the Revolution you are permitted to LIE!!

Good luck to every one!

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Ragnar Danashold 18-Oct-2005
Socially Libertarian Leninist-Trotskyist
Danger! Danger!
Can Marxist Socialism work with FULLY multipartisan democracy?

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Maikeru Hajime 21-Jun-2005
Solution to the Bourgeois Media!
The Media and the Socialist Workers' State
Seperation of Speech and Property is an excellent idea! It manages to defeat the Bourgeois Media without resorting to a police state.
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panlatha 15-Jun-2005
marxism and globalisation
marxism supports globalisation
marxism is against nationalism and it supports internationationlism.marx clearly states that one of the duties of capitalism is redumption of nationalism.the word global corresponds the word international which is used by marx and engels.only they assumed a global revelution of proleteriates in a global buergeoses world.actualy lenisism
brougt the concept of nationalism among the communist's and therefore leninism is a deviation from communist philosophy.so globalisation should be welcomed by the actual communists and the fight should be against exploitation ina global capital world which
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panlatha 15-Jun-2005
equality is against marx. theory
marxism and equality
according to marxist principle a system developes only by the opposites in it.that means in a society which has no oposoites ie classes how it can be alive and devoloping.that means communist society is only a humananitarian concept of k.marx which is against his theory.
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Dalton 29-Mar-2005
Patriotic, Anti-Communist American
Now is the time to act!
Down With Communism!

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ARMYDENT 26-Jan-2005

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puzo 25-Jan-2005
try it, and u'll know the true
free white commi
lets taste our freedom
just fell, and lets we know the true about this things
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josef 10-Jan-2005
Stalinism,socialist dictatorship?
Do you think Stalinism is a socialist dictatorship,or an evil dictatorship marking off fascism?
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Kelsey 11-Dec-2004
Political Theorist
I still have issues with this...
This site fails to mention a lot about ideology.
This site is an amazing attempt to try to rationalize the irrational and I commend you for your effort, however there is still alot that goes unanswered. For example, I was reading in the FAQ by Engels I believe it is, that the relationship between labor as a commodity and anything else as a commodity is that labor will only be paid at the very minimum of its requirements to sustain itself. While this makes perfect sense, I ask you then what are you trying to accomplish by "each according to his need..." If his basic needs are provided for by the very fundamentals of his labor in...
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Kelsey 11-Dec-2004
Political Theorist
I still have issues with this...
This site fails to mention a lot about ideology.
This site is an amazing attempt to try to rationalize the irrational and I commend you for your effort, however there is still alot that goes unanswered. For example, I was reading in the FAQ by Engels I believe it is, that the relationship between labor as a commodity and anything else as a commodity is that labor will only be paid at the very minimum of its requirements to sustain itself. While this makes perfect sense, I ask you then what are you trying to accomplish by "each according to his need..." If his basic needs are provided for by the very fundamentals of his labor in...
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f asdgf
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Dialectical Materialism
The only way any kind of Massive Worker's Revolution is from the right chemicals and a spark and, I mean things like Massive over population which would almost force Communistic Society or Behavior or, a huge International Economic Crash. Where people will have to put there own Material existence beyond anything else.
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A.T. 23-Nov-2004
independent thinker
Communism? Not with human nature
Human Nature Cannot Allow the Existence of a Communist Society
The following sentence basically summarizes the opinion of most individuals who simply cannot agree with the concept of true communism and the theories of individuals such as Karl Marx: Human nature cannot allow a communist society to exist. The reason human nature is the primary barrier to a classless stateless society is that humans need some type of state to preside over them in order for them to have any hope of living and peace and harmony with other people. Karl Marx and Fredrich Engels forgot about one important word when formulizing their communist theories: greed.
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stevek 20-Nov-2004
buddhist technophile
Interesting but will it work....
It would be nice to a workup of how this will work
This is another of those interesting projects it would be interesting to see if it went anywhere. The keys to the Multimedia world are pretty much left in the ignition of many vehicles scattered about the planet. So we have more control than we think we do. Luckily for us artistic freedom is one of the few freedoms that has not been diluted. So if someone can get something to work I say state it and see if anyone will try it. Have Fun, Sends Steve steve.kudlak@cruzrights.org
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jim 5-Nov-2004

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Mongoose 20-Oct-2004
Take the best from each.
Conspire To Be Truly Free
Something Else Must Be Done
We have never been truly free. Only decieved in a thousand ways have we been, only exploited in a thousand ways have we been, only manipulated in a thousand ways have we bee. Thus, we have never truly been at all. We have labored for a lie, we have labored against liberty, and all without knowing it. As there is no Santa Claus there has never been democracy for us. What then is to be done? First, we can never be free if we are not as one with our cause. We can never be free as long as our oppressors have power. Thus we must unite and with that power we take power from the now powerful.
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HorseWithNoName 30-Sep-2004
There are no party lines, no -isms to reconcile: if you have seen through the veil of lies television has sewn over our lives, then we have got to start organizing: do NOT drop out of your everyday bourgeois obligations, but rather carry them as ordinarily as possible. Give your person and money to commerce during regular business hours, learn how real capital (not just dollars & cents) is amassed --- and then hold it for ransom against the prevailing state machinery. Nature, if anything, has already taught her most valuable lessons.
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avocat 26-Aug-2004
youth ideology
the other side of the coin
........the most appropriate yet not applicable
POWER.....the word scarce to man,thats why everybody is aiming for it,to have that is to embrace the ideology of COMMUNISM.the only difference is that COMMUNISM acquires power thru groups,societies,organization and even the rest of the country.yes it is the most appropriate yet it is not applicable because "MAN BY NATURE IS A POLITICAL ANIMAL"
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avocat 26-Aug-2004
applicable yet not
man by nature is a political animal
every one is aiming for power so as the communist no wonder they make a theory called, COMMUNISM.
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the evil of communism
theory not in practice

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bonnie 13-Aug-2004
independent thinker
nothing to say
freedom for all americans
i say no no no to communism we do not need communism in our country and do not want it. so keep the dam communist out of our country
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independent thinker

i say no no no to communism we do not need communism in our country and do not want it. so keep the dam communist out of our country
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the answer
fight for communisn with plp its the only way\\

written by president of ucs


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THEMBA 17-Jul-2004
Ignorance breeds ignorance
interfaith socialism is an option
Socialists cannot deny the power of religion or spirituality. This social structure could become the new area of collective interaction.

The new era demands new strategies. Let's look at the way spirituality and/or religion influences world politics. Let's look at their respective theories, and determine how liberation theology can be revived within this context.
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Fariburz 31-May-2004
Marxism-Leninism ( communist )
Proletariat is the last victor
Only decatatory of proletariat
Marxism is the only way to succed a real life. There is no solution for world main problems but refering to what marx and lenin say. Dectatorship of proletariat is the best policy which is the key of formation of a communist life. Deniers of dictatorship of proletariat, are triators and enemies of humanity. To day's proletariat should gain complete information from past proletarian struggles. They do have to be more serious and more awared then ever before. They do have to be steady in a holly battle against imperialism. workers of all world should unite. They do not have to forget the unity.
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Samyabad 19-May-2004

I am pleased to see so much information to awaken the masses.

Being a communist I believe the unjust captalistic world order should be smashed by all the means. Indeed the information technology can be the best medium for the most advanced philosophy of mankind.
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schilts-staffell 24-Apr-2004
mild Stalinist/ Socialist
Communists true calling: Beat up neo nazi scum.

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Communizzle 4-Apr-2004

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lockspy 2-Apr-2004
godless communist
Former Republican Writes
I changed after reading this and similar articles...
Thanks for the informative piece of lit. I'm proud to be a member of the Workers' Party. Do what you can to displace and destroy complacency in this country. Legalize. Socialize. Compromise.
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Brittanie 24-Mar-2004
It Is An Impossoble Theory
I dont belive that it is possible to achieve a total communist goverment. It is human nature to try to gain more than someone else which rules out total and complete equality. I believe that a system,like America, where someone from a working class can work their way up and become the leader of the country,with no restrictions as far as religion,gender,race,etc. are concerned. So while the idea of communism is actually good, it is fairly safe to say that it could never be put into affect that it was meant to be put in because there will always be someone there who will try to gain power.
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Michael 22-Feb-2004
Unity of the Left
On Communism's Bad Image
I believe that Communism is a perfect system that would not need further improvement after it is properly brought into being. But I also believe that if we do not gain support, our work is totally useless. So many people are happy, or at least content with the current system, and the mental picture they have of Communism is toatl bullshit. I would suggest that Communist organisations from around the world need to unite and "spread the good news" if you like.
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Antenora 15-Feb-2004
Propaganda strikes again
Start in schools!!!!
In my high school economics class we were faced with a decision on one of our tests. We could take a communist test in which everyone got a C. A socialist test in which the totals were averaged and everyone got the same grade. Or the capitalist test where everyone got the grade they earned. Naturally everyone voted for the capitalist test (except for those afraid of failing who chose one of the others). I knew this was an incorrect interpretation of the differing economies but i couldnt out my finger on why. Then it hit me...
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Patrick 13-Feb-2004
independant thinker
the diamond hammer
Communism is like a diamond hammer, beautiful and shiny, but does not work
I think tah talthough Communism is a good idea and that we should strive for the equality of the world, we should do it slowely but surely without attracting too much negative attention.
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communist spark 10-Feb-2004
Communist spark

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Coffin 30-Jan-2004
Independant Thinker
Neither for, nor Against
Alot to think about
The thought of a society that is run by the working class has promise. Especially in days such as these, when corruption runs rampid in not only our police forces, but our military's, and politicians. In days such as these, money has become the ultimate power, and voice for the people, not the people.

A society in which the working class of society are given the power to change thier lands for the better, and still have freedom is an Idea that has promise. Still I have much to learn, and think of this concept
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marcopolo 29-Jan-2004
i will fight and die for thruth
power to the people
people in the lower and middle class society has long been oppress, it's our time to show them.
if the capitalist and the bourgeiss still in the upper level, then the oppurtunity of the lower & middle class has buried in the mind, they haven't given the chance to become part of the society.
more of post 432 ...
Nice idea, but it won't work...
We Can Only Wish
The only problem with Communism is this: all people are corrupt. One thing stands in the way of true communism and it has shown itself already: greed. It is impossible to create a true communism for the entire world.
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Josh 17-Nov-2003
independent marxist
Faux Socialism
Bourgoise Socialism In the Modern World
Being a marxist communist, I can't help but support the socialist cause in the world today, as it is the necessary interim step between the crumbling system in which we are all currently imprisoned, and the possible peaceful, equal, and prosperous future we could all enjoy. I am concerned however by the trend of Bourgoise Socialism(Faux Socialism)in the world. Any time that the wealthy elite of the capitalist system decide to 'allow' the workers the luxury of vacation, or health care, or education, it is touted as a step toward socialism, but is simply a clever method of keeping us docile.
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ben 13-Nov-2003
Entrepreneurial Communism
Enjoy Your Revolution
Entrepreneurial Communism and you.
The theory of Entrepreneurial Communism is the simple idea that capitalism is less efficient than available cooperative alternatives, and those alternatives will eventually compete with, defeat, and remove capitalism in free market competition.
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tristan 25-Oct-2003
anti capitalist, pro true communist
y should some guy start a buisness pay themselfs $1,000,000 a year while paying his employees $40,000 a year
the boss pays themself as much as he likes because they can, but what do they do? Paperwork? So they deal with the mental stress of runnig the buisness, while their labourers put in the physical stress and get payed maybe 5-30% of what the boss pays him self, what is the difference? wouldent the labourers have a shorter life expectancy? wouldnt the boss have a longer life expectancy? so why are we rewarding people for having an easyer life? we are not they have the power to so they do just like an evil dictator has the power to do as he pleases. die capitalist pigs die.
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Dan 22-Oct-2003
Communist Idealist
Young people have opinions too.
12-year-old speaks on proletarian democracy.
In a proletarian democracy, prejudice cannot exist. Neither can imperialism or sensationalist commercial media. There must not be drafting. There must not be any supression of ideas. I concur that the Paris Commune and early Soviet communism were the closest we have come to the real idea of communism. I would like to say more but I am using a school computer and if the librarian saw me writing to other god durned commies I'd probably have a talk with the principal so I am leaving.

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The Anarchist and socialist 22-Oct-2003
Socialist and anarchist
My thoughts about communism...
Communism is almost imposslible...
If you want to see my thoughts, look below...
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Denís 15-Oct-2003
Once upon a time...
Socialism did exist
Chile. 1970. Salvador Allende, leading the People's Union, a group merging the Socialist Party, the Communist Party, anarchists, syndicalists and radical christians, won the presidential elections of Chile. For three years, the country strode towards a brighter future, across and over any barriers raised by the northern eagle.
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more of post 406 ...
Bilbo Baggins 29-Sep-2003
Reasons the Hobbits Will Unite
Crazy-Go-Nuts Hobbits!
Well, more or less, the proletarian movement will emerge completely, and utterly destroyed. There's not a shit's chance in hell you can possibly win against the might that is Capitalism. The West will prevail!
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Gen. Pinochet 28-Sep-2003
Burkean conservative
No For Any New Communist Shit
I hope the humankind would never repeat the Communist drama from 1945 to 1989
Unfortunately, what I have seen on this website is a great-great disappointment. I see people, many of them young, who have never cared of their fellows, very rich, who have avidly profited by the capitalist system, and full of Communist cliches. The time for political predictions is gone! Marx was living in the nineteenth century. If you are so egalitarian, why are you so rich? Why aren't you living your prosperous countries and go and live in Kazakhstan, Moldavia, Albania, North Coreea, Cuba, Belarus and so on, countries and peoples wildly raped by Communist regimes? Down with Communism!
more of post 404 ...
independent thinker
Comunism is fundamentally flawed
Communismm is fundamentally flawed and is in fact an evil plot by Marx
The theory of communism is fundamentally flawed.
In the perfect world proposed by Marx, the majority of the population should be good people and don't have evil intentions. But the fact is that every body has a dark side. In the society proposed by Marx, the dark side of people will easily be unleashed, which is exactly what happened in the existing and existed communist states.
In a sense, true communist state really never existed, and will never exist. Because communism simply doesn't work.
Communism is in fact an evil plot by Marx. Marx was a smart man, he knew human nature very well.
more of post 403 ...
Marc 25-Sep-2003
crucify the bourgeoisie
Sick and Tired
sick and tired of little book worm pseudo-communists calling themselves socialist just because they read a chapter of Das Kapital. It's all too common around here, little kids want to either go with the trend and speak out and act like they were somehow magically turned into foreign policy experts or just want to shock and annoy their parents by singing Joseph Stalin's praises. I'm always glad to find a true communist site like this out there. Gives me hope that one day true communism will indeed crucify the bourgeoisie.
more of post 402 ...
free your self 7-Sep-2003
think and do for your self
"....free thy self first"
Causes and Movements.....hmmmm. Germs cause bowel movements.
more of post 401 ...
Christian 'The Red' Spurs 10-Aug-2003
Revolutionary Communist
Where did it all go wrong
True Communism
Interestingly enough, my interest in Communism was sparked off by learning about Soviet Russia for GCSE History. With some further reading and research I began to realise that the Soviet Union was not True Communism. It was an exploitation of the Marxist Ideals and has therefore tarnished the Communist reputation of it being a cruel and ill-practiced dictatorship. I have always despised the view that Communism doesn't work, because how can you say if it works or not if it has not been properely practiced? I intend to change peoples views. I myself have written a manifesto on True Communism, going strict
more of post 400 ...
annoo 6-Aug-2003
independant thinker
i'm hoping some one can answer my question
i'm wanting to find out about what the communist view is on child rearing.
more of post 398 ...
Peter 4-Aug-2003
independent thinker
More socialist websites
Here's what socialism brings...
Try these socialist websites. If you are at all disgusted with the images and/or ideas putforth, you may have hope yet to turn away from the socialist onslought and deliberate destruction of the human being. This is what need-based morality delivers and all will suffer if this grotesque view of righteousness takes hold...

more of post 397 ...
kike 31-Jul-2003
I can see an uprising!!!!!!!!
Never ever will the world be controled by the working class. Like it or not the burgeois will always dominate, that only if they can keep the world assleep and to what Iam observing it is in sight that sooner or later there will be many uprisings. Every day more and more people are realising that no one has a right over no one and that my mind has the same capacities compared to yours.However it is a fact that survival of human natured dependS on the weak being dominated by the strong. we always need a cycle to move or not toward something.The cycle being a dominiance of humanity by humanity
more of post 396 ...
sarah 29-Jul-2003
independent thinker

Why communism will never work....
I am a Venezuelan and an American, I know both sides of the story. I know that Hugo Chavez(president) sits on the largest oil reserve outside the Middle East and 80% of the population is in poverty. He is also wiping out the middle class business owners buy keeping all the U.S. dollars a redistributing them how and when he sees fit. Meanwhile his people are starving. It is human nature for people to compete and want more than the next person that is something you cannot change. that is communism.
more of post 395 ...
s3o20t9e 20-Jul-2003
gothichristian labor party communist
Wise as a Serpent,..
Infiltration, Modification, Liberation,..A Brief Summary,..
WE must be of one collective mind,..to have all people prosper in the United States and in time to gather the nations,..structurally sound, strong government by the people for the people,..disciplined military and police force,..government production to compete against the multi-national corporation(s) and to keep them in check,..free basic national healthcare,..free higher education,..true freedoms,..add it all together and we will have growth and prosperity,..in a nut-shell,..any questions welcome,..in preparation,..
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Camilo 19-Jul-2003
Progressive Socialist Mafia
The potential progress of a Communist revolution
I have to say after recently discovering the flawless progress this website nails the first step (which im sure most are already aware). The common goal of an ideal communist would really be peaceful and progressive anarchism. The question is how do you get there. The immediate response would be revolution. However, as Marx said you cannot have a revolution without a politisised proletariat, which is extremelt true. And I can see that this is the purpose of this site. The next step would be the violent revolution. Why violent?
more of post 393 ...
shak 16-Jul-2003
"Workers" Are Employees
"Workers" without employment are not "workers".
I am a business owner; your Target. I provide "workers" with the means to buy food, clothes, S.U.V.s, houses and everything else their little hearts desire. What is a "worker" without gainful employment? A Communist! What is a "worker" with gainful employment? A Capitalist! Get a job. Become productive. Take your Prozac. You will begin to feel better and eventually learn to think.

I see that your favorites are all "thumb-uppers". I see the system still works. I also noticed that you use the word "suppression" twice in one sentence. I see the system still works. Your heros are murdurers!
more of post 392 ...
James 13-Jul-2003
republican til utopia
Communism wont suceed...
Communism will not suceed in the society of today, heres why...
The "human world" is better of at this current time under a democracy. True lowerand middleclass gets the shaft, but it is capitalism that fuels...
more of post 391 ...
trotz 8-Jul-2003

more of post 389 ...
Peter 1-Jul-2003
independent thinker
A response to K@rLo$ of Beirut
The truth should be your argumentative basis, not merely stating historical occurrences while implying wrong doing...
I ask you, K@rLo$ of Beirut, to rationalize your opinions of the events that the capitalist should apologize for, stated in your post dated 27-May-2003. You stated many implicit wrongs of free society, but have yet to admonish about the effects of socialism. Every type of society has its history of accomplishments and mistakes, but it is up to the individual to reason through these occurrences and arrive at truthful conclusions. Keep in mind, taking advantage of the innocent is a result of a lack of representation under anarchy, socialism, or authoritarianism, not capitalism in a free society.
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Mack 24-Jun-2003
I'm so tired of the world!
A Predition For the Future.
I'm tired of the world we live in. I'm tired of good people who work 3 or 4 backbreaking jobs living in shitty housing projects, while rich heirs live in multi million dollar mansions without doing any work. We must make the heirs work for their money for a change. If "Bush capitalism" continues, this country will be the bitch to the bourgeoisie and the most hated country in the world. Let's not make the same mistake we did in 2000. Vote for a communist for president in 2004. Hail Red America.
more of post 387 ...
Its Very Hard to Believe
Our Lives
One day after getting home from school I tried to take a look at what my life would be like some time from now and the thought simply appauled me. I saw a world in fear of a massive world war that could destroy the earth and I found that there was little I could do about it since I would be at work the vast majority of my life. I'm not saying that this is a way to stop the people from taking action against the government, but you must admit that all of this thankless work by the people takes up so much time and energy that they may not have the time or funds to try and help society.
more of post 386 ...
Ayn Rand 14-Jun-2003
Who get's the denero
econonic distrobution
In a communists country how would the money be spread? Would it all go to the government to then be given to the people? Or would only part of it go to the government?
more of post 385 ...
"Lennon", "Trotsky" 13-Jun-2003
Independent thinker
The future of humankind
Communism & The Society

more of post 384 ...

more of post 383 ...
C.L. Griffith 29-May-2003
uniting all workers partys under one
the "poison candy" theory
capitalism and pioson candy
My theory is that capitalist government portrays itself and its economy as something sweet and good, but inside it is nothing but a horrible desease eating away at itself. it hurts everything it touches. But it is weakening itself by tearing away at the outside of its lie, and it will soon be exposed to the world as the monstrous system it really is. The poison of hate, greed and fascism is being exposed and yet as long as there is a little bit of that sweet coating left people will continue to be deceived. we must leave behind our nationalistic pride and band together to acheive a...
more of post 382 ...
K@rLo$ 27-May-2003
Marxist, Zapatist
Ridding the world of the neoliberalist plague
Comrades worldwide, today and more than ever, we must all rally together in order to save the world from the neoliberaist plague, wich is killing thousands each year by means of war, the ultimate capitalist instrument. Comrades this is a call for revolution, a call to join hands together in order to install a new order, where people will live free of corruption, wars, capitalism, slavery, poverty, misery, and hunger. A world based on mutual respect, democracy, respect of nature and mankind, collective property, wich will lead to the blossom, emancipation and expantion of humanity.workers UNITE
more of post 381 ...
Martin 23-May-2003
"Folkeseier" is norwegian and means peoples victory!
Everyone should visit http://folkeseier.proboards19.com
Its a great socialist micronation.

more of post 380 ...
Martin 23-May-2003
"Folkeseier" is norwegian and means peoples victory!
Everyone should visit http://folkeseier.proboards19.com
Its a great socialist micronation.

more of post 379 ...
I am Mike 22-May-2003
undecided...so much time to learn..
History repeats itself
This the best chioce
A trend towards the middle class having control in governing their affairs is a logical choice. A clear path for some of the good aspects of America to re-emerge is what I see. I think that the middle class should govern themselves...however it wouldn't work in this day and age without integrating it slowly. The general public knows very little of socialism except how evil their government say it is. Education, without sounding too radical would be key. Presenting the information in a non-aggressive way
would give people the chance to decide for themselves.
more of post 378 ...
Tuan 20-May-2003
The importance of Communism
The importance of Communism
The history of mankind in the 20th century has explained many things.
more of post 377 ...
Tuan 20-May-2003
The importance of Communism
The importance of Communism
The history of mankind in the 20th century has explained many things.
more of post 376 ...
RedRicky 18-May-2003
Down with "free" enterprise!
Whats so free about "free" enterprise?
Lets see,workers are being abused. People are living under bridges. Old folks can barely afford healthcare. Babies are going hungry. Teens cant find jobs. Racism and sexism are a big problem. Sounds real free. NOT!! Capitalism is a monsterous system that deprives people of basic needs and enslaves the third world. Capitalism sucks and Communist revolution is the only solution! FIGHT FOR YOUR FREEDOM!
more of post 375 ...
sicoo 17-May-2003
revolution ough that was my knee
communism is the reason
more of post 374 ...
V.I. 17-May-2003

It is a very good strategy to isolate the capitalist and bourgeois from the freedom of workers, now workers will once again gain their victorious from the claws of corrupt capitalists
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more of post 372 ...

more of post 371 ...

more of post 370 ...

more of post 369 ...
Francisco 17-May-2003
i would define me as a liberal communist
Communism can and will work
Seeing the principle as a community of excepting people who work toghether
Communism, is hard to defing it has never really worked. it has amazing promises and principles but many who have taken control have not acept opposition, with the cause of death. i believe in communism as much as myself, it is a very important way that people should understant how to live with, not that they have to, but i think it would play a great role in our society.
more of post 368 ...
choices 16-May-2003
independent thinker
it's short. there's a lot of big words. "Worker's" probably won't have enjoyed reading it. Write it like you're teaching to a child. I think complete communism is going to take a long time. It will speed up though if we teach it to the children. I ponder on the world and wonder how it got so wrong. How some of the answers are so simple. But this idea you have of the working class "ruling", I must need more information on it because that many people ruling does not make sense in my head. I believe in my own form of democratic-communism. keep democracy with it's elected president as the
more of post 367 ...
John 9-May-2003
Proud Liberterian
A system for losers.....
Only those too lazy to apply themselves fall for this nonsense....
Once in awhile I like to see how the "dark side" is thinking and this takes the cake! How can anyone defend a system that murdered over 100 million people in its short lifetime? Heck, religions did not kill that many in a short period?

Until you people come to grips that monsters like Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Ho Chi Minhn, and countless others during the bloody history, communism will always be considered as a wart on the rectum of mankind.
more of post 366 ...
Peter 9-May-2003
conservative independent thinker
Oppression is not the answer
It is within the individual and his selfishness that society will continue to succeed
Capitalism invokes different perceptions from different people. Supporters of capitalism often envision freedom, liberty, morality, spirituality, and opportunity. Supporters of socialism often see capitalism in a different way, often using words such as selfishness, greed, hedonism, nationalism, and the like to describe it. Both views are correct.
more of post 365 ...
D.J. 7-May-2003
i call it equalism. i am an equalist.
please read what i have to say. it cant be done any other way. thank you.
more of post 364 ...
D.J. 7-May-2003
i call it equalism. i am an equalist.
please read what i have to say. it cant be done any other way. thank you.
more of post 363 ...
D.J. 7-May-2003
i call it equalism. i am an equalist.
please read what i have to say. it cant be done any other way. thank you.
more of post 362 ...
Albatroz 7-May-2003
Self-management - Social economy
Save the market
The market is the most efficient way to generate goods and services to satisfy legitimate needs. What is wrong is the capitalist form of ownership of production means. The unemployement which arises from the market mechanism can only be solved by the state developping a social economy sector - public goods that do not attract competitive producers - and employing there all those who cannot find work in the competitive (market) sector.
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more of post 360 ...
Peter 27-Apr-2003
conservative independent thinker
Without the freedom to choose...
Socialism & communism are plagues to human existence
Has the world not learned from the horrendous mistakes of Stalin, Mao, Castro, and the likes? People need to remember the following facts about socialism/communism:
1. Under Stalin, 20 million people were executed or starved to death.
2. Under Mao, 65 million people were executed or starved to death.
3. When the U.S. pulled out of Vietnam in the 1970's, over 1 million people were executed or starved to death AFTER the north Vietnamese took control of the south.
more of post 359 ...
Napoleon 25-Apr-2003
Victory or Death!
Napoleon is telling you to join,,,,SO JOIN!!!! (the Communist Movement)
This site is very nice and the essay-----------spectacular!!
In any case- You will all soon hear of Napoleon--!

Napoleon VIII
more of post 358 ...
Napoleon 25-Apr-2003
Victory or Death!
Napoleon is telling you to join,,,,SO JOIN!!!! (the Communist Movement)
This site is very nice and the essay-----------spectacular!!
In any case- You will all soon hear of Napoleon--!

Napoleon VIII
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KILL THE MUSIC! webmaster advice

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more of post 355 ...
Korngold 16-Apr-2003
Environmental Communism
Land of the Slaves!
How America got so Powerful
America became powerful because it was able to exploit so many people. America stole it's land from the Native Americans, then used Black Slaves to develope the economy. After Slavery was abolished, they began to use a new kind of slavery "wage slavery". We were the last country in the "western democracies" to ban slavery. We were also the last to have a strong labor movement. We killed thousands and thousands of native americans just to get the land we have today, and we are the most imperialistic of all nations.
more of post 354 ...
Redefining Communism to America
Redefining communism in the eyes of the American
The main objective of all communists at this point in time should be to redefine communism in the eyes of lay person. This government has humiliated communism, labeling it a failure using examples like USSR, China ect. Their reasoning behind this is fear. Fear of losing their power to the proletariet. If history teaches us anything, it is that our voice will be heard. Democracy is destined for destruction.
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more of post 352 ...
Mike 25-Mar-2003
Only in theory.....
Im Sorry
many people have noted that communism has "never existed" this is true, but I ask, why has it not existed? i agree that, in theory, communism is the ideal form of goverment. However, the reason it has never existed is because to try and convince all humans to work the same amount and not try and get more power than their neibors is insane. communism is perfect in theory, but unfourtaney it is impossible in the modern world...
more of post 351 ...
anti-capitalist democrat with a small d
Control from the bottom
What workers democracy and power should mean
The Bolsheviks called for Workers Control and it helped them win the leadership of the working class, but once in power the Bolshevik Party reinterpreted Workers Control to mean only the right to look at company books not to make actual decisions as to how a factory was run.

In the early days of the revolution workers took over fsctories, elected recallable management committees and really ran their workplaces in a collective democratic manner.
more of post 350 ...
NutsInLeninsMouth 24-Mar-2003
Communism is unattractive
You are all sick
Communism is an unattractive social, economic and political system. It runs contrary to human nature. The fact of human life is (and should always remain) "from each according to his ability and motivation to each according to his ability and motivation." In short, communism and socialism are a rotten idea that (hopefully) will never exist in any form whatsoever. Capitalists of the world, UNITE!
more of post 349 ...
The Good class
A simple notion - Good is the only valid ideology
Good, what we percieve it as individually should be the measure of all men and women.
I have no poltical ideology. I admire the good in all ideologies and despise anything that causes me anger and frustration. That is how I recognise what is right, it feels good, it is good, it feels wrong, it is wrong.
more of post 348 ...
independent thinker

more of post 347 ...
kristina 12-Mar-2003
follower of Hume...v. confused
could communism ever work?
practicality of communism
communism as everyone is aware is a form of socialism, communism is perhaps more attractive as it is less about economics and more about the people. Many intellectuals have been drawn to communism due to its promise of an ideal society in which all can be regarded as equal. However has communism ever worked? The rather depressing answer to that would be no, as the great political theorists who concocted the communist manifesto and other great political works forgot one very important thing, human nature.
more of post 346 ...
Allen 10-Mar-2003
independent thinker
Communism's major flaws
Inconsistencies in the formation of Communist websites
In the reading of this essay, I have found many inconsistencies from the orignal site, www.communism.org. This site claims that the rule of a police state is necessary for the installation of a communist society. The other site claims that no police or professional armies are necessary. Since when were poie not a vital component of police states? As I also typed in my response to the other site, a united government can only can succeed with one or more of the following: religion, wealth, force, or nationalism. See continued pag for explanation of each of these principles...
more of post 345 ...
Friederich Hayek 9-Mar-2003
Liberalism (European, 19th century)
Socialism Is The Answer
The Road to Serfdom
The Road to Serfdom (slavery) is paved with the spangled rhetoric of workers' struggle. If you really like this web-site, visit its results incarnate:

North Korea.
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more of post 343 ...
K@rLo$ 8-Mar-2003
Re-Writing History
21st Century communism
The Proletarian dictature shoud stop when the Bourgeoisie is overthrown
more of post 342 ...
spartan hero 28-Feb-2003
politcs of the future
As a 20 something American, you can see the development of both political thoughts through ancient Greece with Sparta and Athens. Sparta was a form of ancient socialism and Athens was the precursor to modern democracy. Sparta held power for nearly 400 years but ultimately failed due to lack of change and lack of economy fund the warrior class. Although both styles were SOMEWHAT similar but not entirely there are truths of grain to both systems. People are too greedy

more of post 341 ...
Dollar 25-Feb-2003
Marx's Undead Monster
The bloodiest fantasy in History
I grow weary of the trite cliche that " It works in theory but not in practice". Wake up people. If it doesnt work in practice it's a lousy theory. My favorite is "True Communism has never been tried". Wrong. The bloody gulags and slave pens are the only way the theory can be applied in practice. Read the Communist Manifesto!! Read it critically! Its the opium of intellectuals. Full of oversimplifications and absurd constructs.

more of post 340 ...
LORENZO 22-Feb-2003


more of post 339 ...
octo 22-Feb-2003
international project-elections on 1.the program 2.the supervisors
visit site www.geocities.com/Athens/Olympus/9799 to have an idea of our propositions We are a non sectarian group that
respects the peaces of the puzzle other left groups try to
contribute to political questions and tactics and we specialise in offering a proposition of blueprint of a collective way in managing society...knowing that the proletarian forces in this stage of history must have the support of farmers and small companies owners in order to advance their cause without civil war breaking out

more of post 338 ...
Justin 21-Feb-2003
The solution is simple
Make Everyone Equal
We live in a world where everyone is unequal. There are those who possess advantages over others by natural, given, and obtained means. It is because everyone is unequal that conflict of interest exist. Those that are alike, group themselves together because they share the same characteristics. They attempt to push their agendas on those unlike them because they feel their agenda is better. Some groups use their advantages to acheive this goal. Groups with less advantages do not get heard as often. All this being said, the solution to eliminate this problem is to make everyone equal.
more of post 337 ...
Sean 21-Feb-2003
Communism? Successful?
The Great, Chinese
If no one has ever noticed the Great Chinese, they should! China is the greatest country in the world. One of the only TRUE communist countries (Vietnam & N. Korea too). The Chinese have made great accomplishments, the Great wall is just one of the many, but the inspiration for a new government in China, to form New China (1940-1943), just to be a communist nation was awe inspiring, the Chinese fought hard and valiantly so that they might be communist. So next time your having a converation about communist countries, or countries in general and you think about China, Think.

P.S. don't EVA cap on the
more of post 336 ...
Korngold 21-Feb-2003
Enviromental Socialism
Socialism is the future of the World. Capitalism will fail!
Capitalism is a system based on greed and division. I beleive Marx predicted accurately when he said that society evolves over time. Society is now evolving to Socialism, soon will come Communism, then will come Anarchy. The Soviet Union failed because it tried to incorporate Socialism in a state that had not yet even truly gone through capitalism, and also because of Bolshevik Idealism that soon placed Stalin in power.
more of post 335 ...
pinkocommie 21-Feb-2003
You suck.
Buy a history textbook. Read it. If you still keep the site, at least have someone edit it for grammar.
I'll bet this gets censored. (I dare you to leave it up.)
more of post 334 ...
Azurio 13-Feb-2003
Imperialist/Half Anarchist
Imperialism Rules!!!
Imperialism Rules!!!
more of post 333 ...
independent thinker
Communism will never occur
U all Live in a dream world
Communism has failed to happen in soviet union, china, and korea etc. Y will it happen now?
more of post 332 ...
Sham 12-Feb-2003
independent thinker
Capitalism is King
Human "each-man-for-himself-god-for-us-all" will win everytime
Human beings are selfish creatures. It is a biological fact. To ask entire societies to abandon biological pre-programming is like asking a lion not to eat meat because it's benefitial to the greater animal kingdom.

Capitalism is in born. It's not a political factor imposed from above. Where are the communists when Africans are starving? Thats right! They are taking care of their own skins. Communism is a sham!

Communist societies will never exist because communist do not really want them to exist. It's not a big surprise therefore to find that communist societies have never existed.
more of post 331 ...
pheonix 10-Feb-2003
communism now
socialism is not the end
Socialism is not the end ladies and gentlemen! we need to tear down the ruling capitilist class and exterminate their way of life! to all the "pissed off socialists" and people with leftist tendicies, we need you in our struggle. we want socialism, but that wont be the end we will lead this country into the final phase, into our classless society, into communism! email me and get in touch careersoldier@hotmal.com
more of post 330 ...
Lance 3-Feb-2003
Communist (not radical)
Why is America going to war?
America- Democratic Savior for the World or Just Another Tyranny?
As a white, mid-twenties, above-averaged IQ, middle-classed male living in America, I find it hard to believe that there are not more people with the idealogical thought of a "Utopian Society." Politics is one of my favorite topics of discussion. Any chance I get to talk about it, I do. For some reason, almost everyone that I encounter seems to think that Bush and Congress are correct in wanting to go to war with Iraq so that we can "help spread democracy and peace." I can't seem to grasp how starting wars, or "Operations" as government likes to call them, increases peace.
more of post 329 ...
Free Ranger 2-Feb-2003
Constitutionalist Free Citizen
Live Free or Die!
Live and Let Live unless you are robbed or molested
Since you probably haven't yet, Try reading these three
documents along with your other literature. At least Know
what the other viewpoints really are.

- The Federalist Papers
- The Declaration of Independance
- The Constitution of the united States
more of post 328 ...
Sean 1-Feb-2003
To each according to his needs..
Population/Land Groupings
As far as I understand it, the gift economy will work with volunteer labour, and anyone who submits any volunteer labour is allowed to take as they see fit. But a serious problem with this that I see right away is that people won't neccesarily have to pull their own wait, your certainly providing peoples needs, but your not neccesarily taking from their abilities. So wouldn't it make more sense to say that if you reach a certain quota you recieve a set amount of 'free' stuff. I see right away that the argument against this arises from two main issues:
more of post 325 ...
harry 31-Jan-2003
independant thinker
I'd like to see this happen
but I think it won't run smoothly at all ...
the problem is the typically young people of the western world, who couldn't care less for any politics.The best way to start would be to find the place with the most communist resistance, revolutionize that and show the world how much better it can be.
more of post 324 ...

Theory != reality

more of post 323 ...
Inessa 22-Jan-2003
How to recover the Idea?
Communism and the Ex-"Communist" Countries
I'm a comrade from Hungary, an ex-"communist" country. Most of the people is convinced here that communism is either a bad and destructive idea or an impossible utopia. That's why most of the people hates communism and searches the the solution at the worst place, at the extreme right. The greatest and the most difficult duty of ours here in the East to give people back the hope that another, better world is possible. I want to get some ideas how to relight the flame of the revolution here, in the East! Thank you for your help.
more of post 320 ...
communistic beliefs
although rather new to me are the true answer to many problems in todays non utopian society. i believe that in enforcing such rule we would promote a feeling of world peace. i also think thats such shall be the case in an very while. wereas there are so many who attend schools many dont belive in the ways or actions of officals of the school, and therefore cling to and idea of a perfect world where there is no classes also making them more important in the playin out of gods plan in modern society.
more of post 319 ...
Vegetables Matter
Onions HAVE layers!
What else has layers, and do they also make me cry?
Communism is one layer. fine.
It is like a potato and you get Vodka from it too.
Capitalism is an onion. Damn.
Its OK to lightly garnish a cheese pasty with it, but when its in its raw form it stinks.
The class struggles within capitalism brings tears to my eyes - all layers of society all trying to get on top but always downtrodden by the class above it.
Lets live like a potato....(Vodka included)...all are happy!

more of post 318 ...
Red Revolutionary 14-Jan-2003
Commie, I am....
Misconceptions Still Thriving...
what I see of the anti-communists, they can't seem to debunk communists without resorting to insults
more of post 317 ...

From Your Mama
The Class System That The Commies Claim Are Out Dated!!!!!!Those Who Works Hard And Have The Right Goals And Mind Set Can Make It Big Think Of The Rags To Riches!
more of post 316 ...

Just Some Crappy Nonsense
Communist Countries Does Not Fully Utilize Talents , Creative Potential Of The People . To Create Such A System That Subjudgate Personal Archievement is To Act Against The Best Interest Of The People . Communism Is OUTDATED!!!
more of post 315 ...

Just Some Crappy Nonsense
Commies Are barbaric , Killing Millions Of People.Commies Pollute Lands, Stalin Sucks!
more of post 314 ...
Karl 7-Jan-2003
libertarian communist
the death of commercialism
the downfall of commercial media
The proletariat, in essence being the most nescessary componant of society,truly deserves the freedom of thought not allowed them by the current propagandic trend of the media. However, comrad, I don't clearly enough see who is to stop the monitoring of commercial media from becoming the censorship of all things published by any company- mass production of any document being nescessary for a truly competent campaign to influence anyone. Furthermore, where is the line drawn on what is commercial media? The public, I have observed, is rather fond of fiction.
more of post 313 ...
your daddy 6-Jan-2003
Daddy tells you...
communism doesn't work. Its gay...and since im your dad i know whats best...
more of post 312 ...
aerin 1-Jan-2003
progressive pacifist marx-communist.
joy to the masses
there are people who will refuse to see the good in a leveled means of society. they have benefitted so from capitalism and neglected the harsh realities of what it entails and have no reason or desire to alter their standards of living. their negligence causes a gap between our philosophy and theirs and forces apathy in the hearts of those who have thought things through. we need not apathy, but compassion, to communicate the rites of a communist community. we need empathy, not only to understand what they hell theyve been thinking, but to make them realize we've been thinking.. smart.
more of post 311 ...
Foley 27-Dec-2002
Communism: Where's the incentive
If no one was ever corrupt, or ever tried to take advantage of one another... We wouldn't need gov't in the first place
click more info for my post
more of post 310 ...
Larry 21-Dec-2002
Endless, endless theory
The working class doesn't babble
I'm pleased to see someone left in America able to defend the classic Leninist theory of the state.

However, endless theorizing must be balanced with action. The most important thing to do is to be a bolshevik and find the ways to organize workers into a revolutionary party. The most difficult thing to do in the US of A! But Lenin had no use for "talking societies." Marx and Engels set the pattern. They didn't just theorize, they organized the League at the same time.
more of post 309 ...
yor daddy 12-Dec-2002
Yor Daddies
Yor Dadda Explains
you guys must be smoking crack or somthing because you guys are funny!! Well first off communism doesn't encourage me to be a webmaster and make money when i can sweep the floor and make the same amount. also a corrupt leader makes it even worse.(which there are a lot, even BUSH) well email me if you have q's... nickrighter@mail.com

u got ures asses whooped!!! and you take it up the butt!
more of post 308 ...
democratic socialist republic
A true peoples movement. That works.
A full manifesto is avalible at this site

more of post 307 ...
dollar Bill 10-Dec-2002
Ben , I can think for myself
Ben's world sounds like a kinder gentler 1984
I play in a band and have to hire people from time to time. I don't want to live in a world where I have to get permission from the government to speak, even if I run a company. In fact, the right to unlimited free speech is one of the few things I would give my life if need be to defend.
Even if I was an individual speaking out, the "Proletarian Democracy" could brand me a spy for a left over capitalist and throw me in jail. This is why we need unlimited free speech, even if the ones doing the talking are big evil companies.
more of post 306 ...

more of post 305 ...
freedomfighter 4-Dec-2002
change the world
be a fighter
life is short now is the time for change, let's unite ourselve for the glory of the masses, longlive communism
more of post 304 ...
Andre 30-Nov-2002
Slavery made easy...
We Are Rich.. They Are Poor.. They Are Not Corrupt, We Are...
In ancient times 'capitalists' enslaved millions of individuals to build their empires. Now we simply enslave entire nations to build ours.. For the most part, we don't fully understand where our ability to succeed as individuals comes from here in the western world.. It's sad really... This indifferent ignorance has, and will, cost us..
more of post 303 ...
Miguel 29-Nov-2002
Capitalism vs Democracy
Degeneration of capitalism
The reason why marxism-liberalism or a similar political ideology is the natural way to go for every soceity is because it´s the only way. Capitalism is not an option if one wants a real democratic system to work. Modern people (i.e. western people) are eysily persueded by media etc into thinking that capitalism = democracy, but the thruth is that capitalism can only survive if the factors of exploatation exist, the ruling class will always benifit in opressing the working class, not only in an isolated system like a nation, but alsow on a global scale, 1:st world contries are rich because...
more of post 302 ...
ramzi 26-Nov-2002
if working class ruled
a better future!
you all know the big Q is how would the world be if the working class ruled,in the 21th century i think better than ever this step could be achieved since this time there is the biggest number of liberals communists democratic who believe that the working class have all the right to rule its what i call knowledge people are aware now after all the wars empty political promises,but i think acheiving this step needs you people who believe this to tell others about it many dont know the real meaning of communism they dont know if we want this to happen they need to know every one needs to know.
more of post 301 ...
Jon 20-Nov-2002
leninist/independent thinker
gambling with government
The idea of a socialist state is great, but getting there is the hardest part
The main problem I have with a socialist/communist state is this: to start a workers revolustion you have to have lots of workers, and you have to have a leader (just like lenin), but when the government is overthrown the leader has to... just... give up all his/her power. But anyone with a sane mind would not do that when they have the power of a nation in their hands.
When in the socialist state if worked properly it would be great. But it is very hard, and too confusing to get too. Plus theres the factor of casualties in the fight for socialist rule...
more of post 300 ...
NSA 17-Nov-2002
Social Democrat

Divided We Fall
The process of creating a Proletarian Democracy, the only society in which the working class is represented properly and in which all individuals have social and democratic equality and freedom,is beset on all sides by the inadequacies and conflicting beliefs of the various Communist and Socialist parties.
more of post 299 ...
The Folly of Lenin
The foolish thing that Lenin did was that he created a philosophy that was based on the speeding up of the communist utopia's evolution. This disagreed with Marx's view that socialism, let alone communism, could and probably would take centuries to appear as capitalism had to replace feudalism. Therefore socialism must be aimed for by a slow transition as an immediate one would meet the problems encountered by Lenin. Also in a slow transition the benifits can be seen more clearly keeping the majority of people happy.
more of post 298 ...
Dr. Kindgreen 5-Nov-2002
democratic communist
yes, i am my brother's keeper...
progressive humanitatianism
The time is now!!!! Don't stand on a silent platform!!!! The time has come when we will no longer sacrifice our health or allow the balance and integrity of our precious environment to be compromised in the name of profit or big busniess... had enougth of corporate stink? We have the rsources, to join forces, and change minds, one small victory at a time.... socialized medicine, utility price capping, more support and funding for public education and alternate fuel research, strict border patrol, and real immagration solutions, food distribution, and public housing... open your eyes!!!
more of post 297 ...
JaneAnn 1-Nov-2002

It makes me want to vomit seeing the rich bourgeois laud it all over everyone with their beachfront homes and their holier than thou attitudes. How many of the working class have they fucked to get to the top? Capitalism = corruption - Communism can be our only hope for the future.
more of post 296 ...
Captilist Growth
It will emerge triumphant in the 21st century ?
In a world where corparations rule, the "state" as we know it I fear will dissapear. We now have corparations, such as General Motors whose porfit margins and takings are greater the the GNP of nations such as South Africa. These companys ARE going to expand this century, both in size and more inportantly in influence, and I fear a communist "revolution" will not happen in the 21st Century. In fact I doubt revolution is the right phrase anymore, communist "evolution" is a more likely prospect for our changing world. Until next time comrades...email: jluck1@btinternet.com
more of post 295 ...
Efthemios 28-Oct-2002
Good, but iffy
Assuming too much
Everything is good and nice, but there is too much future tense. "Will be filtered out" is a nice example. Problems get created when one says that this will happen, yet they remain ambiguous as to say why it will happen. The "how", not the "why" is easy to figure out. The map is nice, but will it be followed?
more of post 294 ...
Achilles 21-Oct-2002
Human dignity, Equality and solidarity
Heil the proletarians
If socialism Means helping the powerless majority against the greedy capitalist minority i will be geunine socialist
Why we proletarians cry of the minority capitalist? yet we are the ones who make possible for them to rule us
we vote for their parties, we keep on working in their factories. do we do this because we dont believe we can't bring changes to our society or the system of rule?
One thing is sure Capitalist can not be without us but we can be without them because we are the ones who works in all economical sectors but they don't.
So what we need is organization we must organize our zelfS.
we can't achive this better world unless we know the road leads into this better world. Heil socialism
more of post 293 ...
Falata Stelo 20-Oct-2002
unreformed liberal
State-controlled media?
State control of commercial media will backfire
Volunteer media organizations have neither the time, nor the energy, nor often the skill to present all the news. While that may be changing with the advent of the Internet (e.g. Slashdot), it is still difficult for volunteers to do in-depth, detailed stories in their spare time. Eventually, someone who wishes to focus on a hobby has to turn it into some sort of job in order to survive (witness 8-Bit Theater), and commercial media is reborn as a natural evolution of volunteer media. I'm not fond of the big companies myself, but controlling all commercial media is more chilling than Falwell.
more of post 292 ...
deeznutz 11-Oct-2002
My thoughts
No liberals needed
We need real people
How many of you are children of the petty bourgeoisie, rebelling from your capitalist parents for now only to inheret their businesses of exploitation in the future.
How many of you are REALLY down with the masses, the drug dealers, the ghetto hustlers doing what they have to do to survive.
How many of you interact with the workers on a regular basis or have even had a real working class job?

I agree with everything in this essay but hate fake-ass liberals who don't know anything about life that they havn't read in a book.
more of post 291 ...
Nick 5-Oct-2002
Christian Socialist
Reds are the future!
Communism to prevail!
When the worlds wakes from its capitalist dream, and realizes how evil the current system is, they will except our communist veiws, and finally allow communism to work. Because its not that communism cant work, its that communism can only work in its purest form, and we must eliminate all doubt that a pure communist government can be established, so that then the world will except our veiws, and try harder to make this great government work. Communism will prevail!
more of post 290 ...
Nick 5-Oct-2002
Reds are the future!
Communism to prevail!
When the worlds wakes from its capitalist dream, and realizes how evil the current system is, they will except our communist veiws, and finally allow communism to work. Because its not that communism cant work, its that communism can only work in its purest form, and we must eliminate all doubt that a pure communist government can be established, so that then the world will except our veiws, and try harder to make this great government work. Communism will prevail!
more of post 289 ...
Economic Pisswater
your theories suck

more of post 288 ...
Anti-Stalin 20-Sep-2002
Trekkie, but not in a sad way
Star Trek is an achievable goal!
A Moneyless Utopia
What gives us most grief in our lives? Parents? Teachers? Government? No, althought they annoy us the thing that gets people killed, forces folk to do what they dont want to and wastes peoples lives is money. It is obsene to see billionaires sqauandering money when there are billions scrabbling to get it to survive. Once enerybody is given a fair, but not equal(some are more equal than others!), start in life, only then can we live in a utopia without greed.
more of post 287 ...
justice 18-Sep-2002
pan africanism

the struggle by the proletarians
more of post 286 ...
Redbaiter 17-Sep-2002
The Hammer of World Communism
The rerising of Lazarus
The carcass is dust, but the tail still wags
Lenin and Stalin showed the true essence of the socialist state. Mao actually outdid them both in terms of body count and in his attempt to eradicate civilization. A future communist state would not be a free environment in which 'reactionaries' would be welcome to voice their dissent. Quite the contrary. Pardon me, socialist state. The 'reactionaries' would find themselves hunted and persecuted for the threat they would pose to such a state. What threat is that? The threat of individualism. The desire to compete would force them into hiding. In the real world, there are winners and
more of post 285 ...
I will rule the world

I'm a damn commy.
more of post 284 ...
NSA 6-Sep-2002
Democratic Socialist
'Christian Communism'?
Christian Communism an Oxymoron
I'd just like to quickly state that 'Christian Communism' is an oxymoron.
more of post 283 ...
NSA 6-Sep-2002
Democratic Socialist

Democratic Socialism- The TRUE Way of the Future
Marxism, Maoism, Leninism... the three major forms of Communist Theory that grew up in the 19th and 20th centuries. The problem is, they're now OUTDATED and IRRELEVANT to today's society. What is needed is a change- a vast political reform creating a democratic society based on Socialist principles- with freedom of speech, freedom of political orientation, freedom of the press and freedom of religion.
more of post 282 ...
- 5-Sep-2002
Social-Democratic Revolutionary

Socialist Revolution
The world is stuffed. In the Democratic countries corruption rules and is difficult to expose. In America George Bush and his shadowy advocates slowly gain themselves more power while dissolving amendments in the Consitution to suit themselves. And the corporations grow, blotting out the chances for small businesses to make money at all.
more of post 281 ...
more of post 280 ...
Freedom Fighter 11-Aug-2002
The Borg Way?
Why Communism Will Never Work

more of post 279 ...
christian communism
god is love?
god would not like classes
i believe everyone should have a share of the worlds economy, land and resources . money should be spent on new ways to create food and eliminate hunger not on nuclear arms and space travel but world peace. ministers out for profit should be investigated and outlawed the church should pay tax and money put into health care and medicare
more of post 277 ...
Socialist Trotskyist
Errors in Maoism
Maoist errors hurt the working class movement
Brave Maoists like the Black Panther Party members, Che Guevara, and others bravely fought the capitalist machine during the '60's liberal movements. I for one support their efforts. However, recently, China, Cuba, Vietnam, Korea and other "socialist" countries are failing, and turning into some sort of capitalist regime. I for one offer an explaination. For we are all comrades, fighting for the dictatorship of the proletarian and the end of capitalist rule.
more of post 276 ...
Chris 14-Jul-2002
Ascendent- My own Philosophy.
Another Dark Age???
The Rise and Fall of Civilization: Will it end?
Oh...I have so much to say. I am afraid this summary will not hold it all, but I shall indeed begin. I find that civilization and the people, are stuck in this cycle of rise and fall. Like the Roman Empire, after its fall, we went into a Dark Age. This was preceeded by poor trade, devalued citizens, and corrupt rulers. I feel though, that it was a warning to humanity. I feel that during every stage of civilization, there is a point where we can decide whether or not we want to go back into that Dark Age. I feel ours was the rejection of socialist ideals. See below.
more of post 275 ...
Laya 10-Jul-2002
marxist-leninist-maoist progressive
workers of the world unite
Communism: Eutopia, but Mathematical and Probable; therefore POSSIBLE
more of post 274 ...
capitalist swine
The misdirection of politics
what this is about: Power
Communism, in theory is a "splendid" idea,but it will never suceed. What the author is after, apparently, is a communist utopia, and it is unfortunate to say, but the word utopia means "no where". The entire motivating reason behind poliics is power, whether it be power ued for the good of the worrking class or not, it is still power, you need someone to make the decisions, to advise on the decisions, to study the decisions,and all these imply some sort of structured power base, which must therefore lead to some people weilding more power than others, which is going to lead to unrest in utopia
more of post 273 ...
Nick 7-Jul-2002
pro-revisionist socialist
Socialist/Capitalist state
Working party rules with a capitalist world economy
The main problem with a socialist or communist state in modern times is that the world as we know it is based on a capitalist economic model. Therefore, if we are realistic, we realize that any moneyless state (with the possible exception of the experimental model outlined in the essay) will quickly be doomed. As such, even a socialist nation would need to have a money-based economy. The only way to accomplish this while remaining close to Marx's original ideas would be to collect all money made in various jobs by the citizens and then redistribute it equally amongst everyone.
more of post 272 ...
David 7-Jul-2002
Laissez-Faire Capitalist
Who are the bourgeousie?
10 to 1 you cannot give a decent definition of the term bourgeousie.
Ridiculous. You say that you are opposed to the rule of the "burgeousie" but you give no definition of this murky "upper class" nor a definition of the "workers" whom you assert should rule. Am I the burgeousie because I make over 250,000 dollars per year because of my hard work and study? Would you still consider me as such if I told you that my father is a (proud) janitor, as he is? Would you silence my voice because I have worked and created a better life for myself? Would you raise the voice of my father, who did the best he could as a Vietnam vet in the socialism of the 70s? Blank out?
more of post 271 ...
David 7-Jul-2002
Laissez-Faire Capitalist
Welcome to Cloud-Cuckoo-Land
You are an advocate of slavery.
Sorry, Pal. If you honestly think that you can allow free speech and maintain a pure communist state, you are not living in reality. Bottom line, people ARE capitalists. We use our minds to serve our own needs and desires. I need to eat, therefore I work to create value. It gives me pleasure to see my family eat, therefore I need to work to create more value. It gives me pleasure to help the poor, therefore I contribute to charities.

It brings me pain to know that I, my family and the working poor are enslaved through taxation therefore I rage against it. Nuff said.
more of post 270 ...
Fidel Thadstro 6-Jul-2002
Th reason that this is great...
Personally, I think that this is the greatest theory that I have read. I really enjoyed it, although confused in spots about just how this system would work. I still gave it a really great, or whatever, the two thumbs up mark, regardless of the fuzzies. I don't care what you other people think, it's really hard to come up with a theory that works, and eventually the fuzzies will be cleared up. Thanks for the insight bro, keep on truckin', whatever...
~Thadeous, age 15
P.S. Let me know some other theory sites
more of post 269 ...
Dimitrij 6-Jul-2002
Comrade Marx Lenin go hello

more of post 268 ...

more of post 267 ...

more of post 266 ...
James 1-Jul-2002
PrltDemoConclave U.S.
Prolet. Democracy
It is time for a reform in the United States of America. As such it is time in the United States for a revolution: one of proletarian nature, and eventually conversion to a system of active communism. Many have suggested such over the years: this has been ridiculed for one reason only. It's history: In the past communism societies have been taken advantage of and ruled by someone, although great, like Brother Stalin, one who is not suited to rule such a country as Mother Russia. I myself do live it the United States, but I am of long Russian lineage. Many of our people and others
more of post 265 ...
Title in 20 words or less
The truth of the matter is that any form of government whatsoever will screw us all over . We can forget any hope of ever not being taken advantage of by the alpha male . You cant ever expect to live in peace without someone bigger than you exploiting you . Lets face it were small there big . And those cro mag bastards like it that way so we might as well all establish a coloney on the moon.
more of post 264 ...
rosa luxemburg 25-Jun-2002
dictatorship = necessary.
THIS IS CAPITALISM! you can't just smash it out of people's brains!
i don't believe in the concept that working men and women can just RUN everything right after the revolution. they've all grown up in capitalism, they have certain desires. they need to be re-educated before being able to run things on their own.
of course i'd prefer another system than a dictatorship, but everything else is just illusory.
more of post 263 ...
adam 20-Jun-2002
Sick of the corruption.
Sick of the corruption.
In my opinion, communism is the way it was intended. However, there is a lot of bad publicity (or "propaganda") that has been used when referring to communism. In theory, communism is an excellent idea, if everyone was educated as to the benefits of communism we wouldn't have this problem. I may not see communism in my lifetime, however, I would like for my children (or childrens children) to experience a life different to the capitolist life that I am currently leading.
more of post 262 ...

more of post 261 ...
Sara 14-Jun-2002
is it really possible...
One must consider the facts...
I have only a few comments to make.
1. This world is not a perfect one (I'm sure you all know)
2. If this world is not perfect than how can a "utopian" society be maintained.
3. Pure Communism is not possibles, for as Hamilton said, "the masses are asses."
4. A society without rule is anarchy.
5. If the masses had their way with no direction the result would be anarchy.
6. Why does a government have to be a bad thing.
7. In the US we have the option to express our views through a leader who has common one (election). Thus people are able to obtain what they want.
more of post 260 ...
servant of the people 8-Jun-2002
beating the flames of capitalism
tools for the dismantling of capitalism
In order to dissolve the capitalist state without the use of force,a basic strategy must be put into action that will allow revolutionaries to play within the limits of the capitalist state.

"As invincible as this system seems,it is an illusion,a false strength,because the main factor involved in keeping this sytem alive is having the population be blinded to the real powers that are pulling the strings."
more of post 259 ...
Hank 30-May-2002
China Hand
Based on my 8 years of living in China...
.... studying various forms of Communism and socialism, and not just imagining theories but observing practice, etc., it is inconceivable that anyone still believes any of this shit.

How many more millions of people will have to die before the "experiment" is declared finished. Please, before it is too late, get a firm grip on reality.
more of post 257 ...

more of post 256 ...
Siege 24-May-2002
Independant Thinker
Democrat Communist State?
Democratic Communist State is it possible?
I've been studying the works of several communist writers and after reading them and adding in my own thoughts and theories I have one conclusion. Communism will lead to suffering. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Every time a man (or women) gains complete control all hell is guarenteed to break loose. Further more in a communist state the dictator is no accountable for the wishes of the people. If the people are incharge how come they have no say in the way things are done.
more of post 255 ...
revolutionary weapon design!
the handheld microwave gun
Handheld Microwave Gun

This would make the ultimate weapon!Think about it,they've been going on about how mobile phones are harmful and might cause brain damage if you hold them close to your head,so how about a hand-held focused microwave projector that is intended to do just that?it could be used to kill or incapacitate high ranking members of society with little or no evidence to trace it back to the user.It would be extremely simple in design and very easy to power.Only a couple of watts needed for around 5 metres of range meaning it would run on a small battery!
more of post 254 ...
ed 16-May-2002
pro-freedom conservative

Oh, sure. Free Speech--- for yourself
You left wing nutjobs never cease to amaze me. There's places you can go if you don't like the economic freedom we have in this country. One called Cuba. There's no freedom there. No one can improve their situation. Communism doesn't allow that.
Communism has never allowed for free speech. People who opposed Lenin and Stalin were shot simply for disagreeing with the state. Now of course, when you say free speech, those with any brain know that you only mean it for yourself.
more of post 253 ...
Josh 15-May-2002
A needed symposium
Why the people must organize to the social movement.
We live in a world that is so full of people that a movement would need more than one prophet to be successful. That is why we must band together to form our ideas into doctrine rather than dogma. A productive symposium of enlightened, compasionate, and philanthropic individuals could create the potential for real change and positive social evolution. With all of the splinter groups out in our world, we, those in search of a truly noble and humanizing system, have to make our revolutions carefully and with the foresight and presence of mind that so many others fail to possess.
more of post 252 ...
MaD DoG 6-May-2002
socialist (communist when i'm drunk)
"SOCIALISM IS NOT DEAD; IT IS NOT YET BORN" - Col. Gaddafi, demonised Libyan leader (victim of U.S. hypocrisy)
I'm all for revolution and the idea of overthrowing bourgeoisie rule in favour of a truly democratic society, so soldier on, comrades!
However, I think you are being naive when you assert that this will be achieved in the 21st century.
more of post 249 ...
American democrat (moderate)
A Utopian Society
How to build it, a 6-Step Guide:
Step 1) Gain complete control over the state after manipulating a discontent populace to revolution.
Step 2) Install yourself as leader of the revolution, rulthlessly consolidate your hold on power.
Step 3) Brutally oppress the populace, and use fear, intimidation and bloody purges to end any will for resistance.
Step 4) Eliminate all who disagree, disapprove, or othewise refuse to bow to your every whim.
Step 5) Create an army of servants to carry out your whims using the powerful force of fear (especially for their families).
Step 6) Enjoy yourself, you've created the perfect world!!!!
more of post 248 ...
Geore Duryea 28-Apr-2002
How to help the revolution
Too Idealistic?
I understand that this site is very reasonably dealing in the realm of Marxist theory. But I would like to know exactly what one can do to further communist interest other then simply a propaganda campaign. We must take some sort of action. The workers will never succeed without violence if the world of information is closed to the class without wealth thier must someway to grab attention. Especialy in america how has the Enron Scandal come and gone without our cause being advanced. Communism is considered a joke and we must make it serious concept once again. Help the revolution.
more of post 247 ...
Ickle Che 27-Apr-2002
The revolution is close but not without the peoples' help.
In 1967 the one man who i belive was ever a credit to socialism died. But he left his work to be done. Che guevara wanted to change society and the capitilist regime, but could never manage to fulfill his dream. But now people are starting to think again and we are very very pissed off. We don't like the fact that we work day in and day out with out any questions and are then payed a pittance. We don't like the fact that politicians are throwing empty promises at us without any regrets. We don't like the fact that we work our hardest but are never appreciated.But now we can TAKE THE POWER BACK
more of post 246 ...
Amanda 26-Apr-2002

The true wealth and beauty of our fine world will only be visible when the filth and corruption of capitalism is removed. Communism is the torch by which we will be led to freedom- freedom to live and enjoy nature without the scum of a corrupt society obscuring our view.
more of post 245 ...
Ryan 13-Apr-2002
Communist (Maddisonist)
Commitment and Investment
Well if the workers do run themselves will they run themselves effectively? they have always been the people who have been controlled, never in power. Why would a system like that be developed if the workers could rule themselves in greater efficiency?

The main problem the workers rule will have I believe is mantaining effieciency and productivity, workers who run themselves tend to become lazy and ineffiecient as there is no competition, and they are usually underfunded due to red tape and other political commitments.

It can work-with investment and commitment, thats all it needs.
more of post 244 ...
Antid Oto 11-Apr-2002
Communist (Trotskyist)
Praxis Tovarich, makes perfect
Theoretical clarity is vital; but without a party we are mere philosophers...
As an active member of the communist movement but also a loather of the dogmatism and lack of room devoted to practical theoretical discussion which has often characterised the Stalinist parties as well as the reformist fake 'left' , I welcome this use of technology to discuss the ABC's of dialectical materialism and communism, but do we put our theory into practice? There are plenty of people discussing communist theory, but very few in the vanguard of thinking who translate their communist conception into action and are part of Marxist-Leninist, Trotskyist organisations.
more of post 241 ...
gunner 9-Apr-2002
the message
the message within is precise and very truthful

more of post 240 ...
Eric 5-Apr-2002
There's nothing stopping you...
Moneyless economy is a goal without any obstruction.
As I read the essay on the transition to a moneyless economy I am trying to think of what's stopping you from implementing this now. I can think of nothing that the 'bourgeois' can do to halt any volunteer efforts to create, "'a gift economy' that would operate without money, wages, commodities or exchange..." You can put this into practise now!

I don't think it is practical. I imagine it would impose a huge decline in standard of living. You must eat. Therefore you must grow food. House to live in? Clothes to wear? Does this economy allow division of labor?
more of post 238 ...
Marx 29-Mar-2002
"Problems of Communism"
To overcome the problems of communism, and/or defeat the kapitalist enemy.
Looking back at the communist states of the 19-th century, there have been some major faults, not following the true ideological purpose of Marxism, has led to the shifting of power. In Russia for example, the regim of Stalin just shifted the lost power of the few burgeos to the few people that had a political position. To overcome this apperent mis-enterpetation of the book of Marx, has it´s diffuculties.
more of post 237 ...
Fisk 26-Mar-2002
A fatal flaw perhaps?
We should try to remember...
...that the flaw in all social programs such as this is the rule of enforcement. In the utopian communist view all members of society would conform freely in a democractic way. Right?

But, how do you create a society without overthrowing democratic principles? How do you re-distribute land and wealth without stealing it forcibly from its owners?

Just food for thought- personally, I think this is ample proof for the need of extensive discussion on the socialist stage of revolution.
more of post 236 ...
Dylan 5-Mar-2002
Free Thinker

My question is:

Globalization poses major problem to worthy idea

The globalization of economies makes a plan like the controlling of businesses by a less educated/ leaderless class difficult.
more of post 231 ...
João 4-Jun-2001

On Pluralism in a Workers' Democracy

more of post 212 ...
Greg 4-Jul-2001
Historical Materialist

Political Convergence

Democracy and strategy.

Comrade you are more on the right track than any I have yet come across. I particularily like your phrase about Proletarian dictatorship in a MODERN SOCIETY, in a nutshell it says it all about the outmoded views which have become associated with Lenin. On technology I concur while your view about the outward political nature of porletarian parties within the dictatorship of the proletariate is spot-on.
more of post 215 ...
Eight Floor 25-May-2001
open source enthusiast

Forking the revolution

The dynamics of the information war.

The principles of the information war demands that independent political organisations be allowed to exist, and also that these organisations are permitted to 'fork', reinvent and remerge themselves as a result of the internal struggle to win support of the masses.

Organisations that should not exist or are formed improperly dissolve quickly. Organisations which are relevant and useful to the masses stay so long as they remain so.

The result is a healthy ecosystem of political trends that debate along lines that matter - creating vital knowledge for the building of future societies.
more of post 211 ...
Palve 6-Mar-2002

Just Say "NO!" To Bolshevism

Proletarier aller Länder, vereinigt euch!

Great essay! Most people don't seem to realize the huge differences between communism and Bolshevism. Most people who consider themselves "communists" are Leninists in one form or another (sometimes disguised as Trotskyists, Stalinists, Maoists, etc.), and often a true communist will call him/herself a socialist or some other term. In my opinion, it is up to us Marxists to reclaim the words "communist" and "communism", as well as the color red, which was first used in the Commune of Paris.

Prolétaires de tous pays, unissez-vous!
Working men of all countries, unite!
more of post 232 ...
Dim 25-Feb-2002
Communism is platter of oppertunity


Communism prevails in America no?

I proclaim that one day we shall all be equal without upper/middle/low class!

damn you people for being so blind!
more of post 230 ...
AmericanSon 10-Feb-2002
Patriot/Not KKK, Inquisitor or Bourgeois

Like Marx

There is much flowery speech like the original communist manifesto.

Hard to summarize but I'll try. I'd say you have an understanding of modern culture in your use of words like "suck", "shit", "crap" and the like. Like those communists who rallied my brother in law and other young influential minds in the KwangJu riots and other demonstrations throughout the world, as they did here in the US in the sixties. (My father was shot by one when he returned from Viet Nam.) It's easy enough to exagerate "the rule" of the bourgeoisie and characterize their intentions as overt and corrupt. Just as Christians have been likened to the Inquisitors and the Crusaders.
more of post 229 ...
Simon D. Jester 25-Aug-2001
Got Heart!

One Last Chance

Our Time Is Now

The Heart Political Party is our only hope.
more of post 227 ...

more of post 226 ...
Rep 19-Jul-2001

We know where you live

The SCF and You

We know where you live, or rather we'd like to. There's a lot the SocioCommunist Front want to know about you, because you are what makes this great world we live in. Unfortunately a lot of politicians have forgotten that you elected them, and that they stand for you. We won't just stand for you, we'll stand of you.In a world of people, anyone elected to govern them has got to do everything they possibly can for them. We want to keep in touch with you, and we won't forget that you put us into government. Most of us are fed up with politics. The SCF are going to get you involved. You count!
more of post 216 ...
casey 1-Jul-2001
Revolutionary (it doesn't matter

between trotsky and stalin

finally a healthy way to look at the past but to many name changing.

I like the way you look to the future positively and don't take sides in the great personality war (Trotsky and Stalin). I also like the way you look at the good parts of the Russian revolution and reject the bad. On the other hand I still think Communism should still be called Communism and maybe with change to democratic-communism. Also I think dictatorship of the proletariat is still a useful phrase.
more of post 214 ...
urfis 25-May-2001

The Stalin Exam

A Do-It-At-Yourself Medical Procedure

Have you checked your head for a Stalin lately? If not there is a simple self-exam procedure
that you can perform in the privacy of your own home that may save costly medical expenses
later in life. The growth of dictators on the cerebrum can cause loss of ability to think clearly
and a difficulty in orienting oneself to the actual world.

more of post 210 ...
Carrie 13-May-2001
test -- test -- test

I have a few questions ...

Life is the ability to transform

Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing
more of post 205 ...
David 13-May-2001
test -- test -- test

You are overlooking the basics

On a dark desert highway ... cool wind in my hair

Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing
more of post 206 ...
Ben 13-May-2001

Proletarian Democracy

How will economics, politics and culture work when the working class runs modern society?

Working class rule has never existed except in embryonic form (the Paris Commune of 1871 and early Soviet Russia). Nevertheless it will emerge triumphant in the 21st century. How will a modern society suppress the former ruling bourgeoisie without also suppressing the independent political life of workers?
more of post 192 ...