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jesse • regina, canada • 23 • labourer •

I will start by stating that i am only beginning to analyze "communsim" ect.. and am sure there is alot too learn, but i would like to give my opinion. The basic ideals of communsim are inspiring and provocative in the most humane and positive manners. unfortuneatley i believe there are a couple of reasons "communism" wont exhist. 1.ideals such as those of marx and engels have been put forth by persons of such a time in wich we now can only speculate and interpret the true meanings of there work; therefore causing communism to be something like a religion. 2. communism seems most prevelant in a time of great need, the problem being that in certian places throughout the world people have grown complacent with their imediate world around them. I believe this is because people embrace a change for the better without pushing boundries in fear of what has been, or could be; and also these people raise the following generations to feel the same way through fear and shelter. For example it is difficult for people such as myself to examine communist ideas b/c over the years it has been "demonized" and twisted to a point where one cant determine between biased and unbiased viewpoints. It is because of these beliefs i think communsim cant exhist. Although i do believe it is possible to learn from communist ideals as well as other forms of "living" be it political, religious ect.. each has its beneficial contributions to mankind, and perhaps one day through unity, we as a people will be able to stand together and take the many great ideas of communism and implement them in the lives of the world.