Want to see the overthrow of bourgeois rule?
Do you have what it takes
to be part of the pof-200 discussion list ?

Determination  •  Humility  •  Militancy  •  Maturity

What are the Decisive Tasks?

The POF-200 email discussion list has been created to develop focus and clarity on the tasks which are decisive for the development of a revolutionary mass movement with the ability to mobilize millions for the overthrow of the system of bourgeois rule.

The POF-200 list needs the active and thoughtful participation of media activists, cyber activists and revolutionary activists (and people who are considering becoming revolutionary activists).

If you are a progressive media activist or computer geek--or a revolutionary activist
(or are considering becoming a revolutionary activist) and:
  • Are determined to help create a mass revolutionary movement,

  • Have the humility to appreciate that the revolutionary movement
    is in a period of crisis in which few clear answers exist
    and everyone has a lot to learn

  • Are militant and relentless in your desire for a clear focus on
    the development of a mass movement with the ability to mobilize millions
    to end the system of bourgeois rule (ie: the rule of society by
    the wealthy corporations and their political flunkies)

  • Have the maturity to remain cool and calm in the face
    of provocation by the aggressively clueless
... then the POF-200 list needs you!

The rules
  • Limit yourself to one post per week

  • Treat other list participants with respect
    (and ignore anyone who fails to treat you with respect)

  • Posts to the POF-200 list should be original posts
    written for the POF-200 audience.

    If you are forwarding a post from another list or "broadcasting" a post
    (ie: sending a copy of a post to many lists) --then you will be expected
    to insert a brief introduction at the beginning of your post explaining
    why your forwarded or broadcast post is relevant to the list mission
    (ie: the development of a revolutionary mass movement).

  • Failure to respect any of the list rules will likely result in a public
    (or private) warning from the moderator or suspension of right to post.

How to get started
  • Subscribe to the POF-200 list
  • Review the public archives of the list to get a sense of the motion of the list
  • When you are ready to make your first post: Introduce yourself and explain
    a little bit about yourself and your political experience and motivations
  • Make an effort to listen and think about posts that others have made
  • Respond to posters who are thoughtful
    (and ignore those who clueless or who act like jerks)
  • Your first post will be reviewed by the moderator (ie: me) to verify
    that you are acting with maturity. After successful review,
    your post will be forwarded to the POF-200 list.
Note on security culture
  • It is not illegal to be a revolutionary activist and in countries such as the U.S. you have the first amendment (ie: free speech) right to openly discuss the development of a mass revolutionary movement aimed at ending the system of bourgeois rule.
  • However to minimize (a) the risk of harassment or retaliation from present and future employers, or (b) if you are an immigrant subject to harassment from immigration authorities, and to address (c) the possibility of repression in the future--we highly recommend that you make use of a pseudonym and an anonymous email account (such as Hotmail or Yahoo) in your public postings. This will provide at least a minimal degree of protection from harassment.
  • To get a better picture of the relationship between political activity and future repression in a country like the U.S. you may wish to read A scenario for the overthrow of bourgeois rule in the U.S. in the middle of the 21st century
Questions and Answers
  • Question: What if I'm not ready to join a discussion list at this time?

    Answer: No problem. Lots of people are not ready at this time. The day
    may come when you feel you are ready to join a serious discussion list.
    In the meantime, you may want to consider subscribing to something
    more simple than a discussion list. For example, one step below
    the POF-200 list is the POF-100 list. The POF-100 list will send you
    two emails a year (nothing less, nothing more) that will keep you
    informed of the progress of all of my various projects.

  • Question: What does "POF" stand for?

    Answer: The Party of the Future

Ben Seattle • December 22, 2003
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