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From: edward
Sent: Friday, May 05, 2006 1:46 PM
To: Ben Seattle
Subject: Re: Letter to comrade Edward (The Road to Information War)


I don't have the time to give you an in-depth response right now, but let
me please note three things:

1. I do not judge SAIC's success by how many people attend our meetings.
I have NEVER said anything of the sort and can only guess how you came to
this conclusion.

Yes, I would like to see more people come to SAIC meetings.  And so should
you.  But to frame it as "your concern" as if it was my *main* concern is
completely dishonest.

(This is not the first time you've completely misrepresented my views.
Over time I've come to understand at least one of the reasons why so many
people/"corrupt gatekeepers" are reluctant to satisfy your love of

2. I think you should join SAIC for the same reason that I think every
other anti-imperialist comrade should join SAIC.  We've been over this.  I
don't see why you should "not understand" my reasoning.

3. Let us also note that SAIC established a blog-style site where readers
could leave comments because we decided to do so.  We made the decision.
It wasn't a question of you "forcing" or "pressuring" us to do so.

True, we didn't have one right away, but that's just how it goes.  There
were more important things to do.

Yes, that's right.  Some things were and are more important than making
wonderful internet sites, especially in the anti-imperialist movement.

Lastly, a question:

Could you elaborate a bit on what path the CVO comrades supposedly
advocate for SAIC?

In unity & struggle,

PS:  Since you've completely misrepresented my views, I think you should
take some responsibility for rectifying the confusion you may have
created.  Could you please post this brief note alongside wherever you've
posted this "open letter"?