author: Ben Seattle
written: Sept 20, 2005
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Tom Hayden reveals all:
How the Democratic Party
and its flunkies plan to
liquidate the antiwar movement
with hot air about an "Exit Plan"

Bush's war in Iraq has run into trouble: the Iraqi people are supporting the resistance, too many US soldiers are dying and it is becoming increasingly difficult to recruit additional cannon fodder.   Furthermore, antiwar sentiment is growing as it becomes obvious that, from the beginning, this was a war about oil, world domination and permanent U.S. military bases in the Middle East.

Bush’s war needs help.   The Democratic Party is coming to the rescue.   Here is their plan to liquidate the antiwar movement with an endless supply of nonsense about a supposed "exit plan":

1) "Refocus" the antiwar movement on electing
    liberal imperialists in the Democratic Party
2) Reduce troop levels
3) Prop up a puppet government
4) Maintain permanent military bases

    The Democratic Party is rushing to help Bush’s war plans because the Democratic Party is controlled by the same group of finance capitas who control the Republican Party and everything else in the political and economic system of imperialism in which we all live.

    The plans of the Democratic Party (and the ruling capita class as a whole) can be understood by making a careful study of the capita mass media – which is preparing public opinion for a shift to a more liberal method of imperialist rule – in which presidents spend more time talking of peace and holding the hands of grieving mothers of fallen soldiers – while bombing Iraqi cites into rubble.

    Other sources that are useful in understanding the plans of the liberal imperialists include the journals of the social-democratic political trends. (Social-democracy is a spectrum of “progressive” political trends that are allied to one another and anchored, at one end, to the imperialist Democratic Party.)   For example, an interview with Tom Hayden (a well-known former student radical) can be found at the   web site.   In this interview, Hayden says that “ we have a practical need to persuade moderates and politicians that the choices are not permanent war versus pulling out troops tonight.”   Elsewhere Hayden makes clear that this “persuasion” involves focusing the attention of activists around electing the “persuaded” imperialist politicians.

    Tom Hayden, of course, is not alone.   The corrupt imperialist system includes layers and layers of lying liars who preach “peace” to the people in the plazas – while spouting nonsense about the need for an “exit plan” -- and the need to appeal to and align with the strategic interests of U.S. imperialism.   Unfortunately, many left-wing groups promote as “allies” these kinds of saviors from within the establishment.

    Even the RCP and NION are getting into the act – softening up activists with hot air about a supposed imminent fascist danger and the need to “drive out the Bush regime” – as if the liberal wing of imperialism isn’t seeking to continue Bush’s plans under fresh leadership. – Ben Seattle

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