author: Ben Seattle
written: Sept 20, 2005
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Hit them where it Hurts!
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Agitation for the Sept 24, 2005 antiwar march in Seattle

The anti-war movement will become
an increasingly powerful social force
as it breaks from bourgeois influence
(ie: the orbit of the Democratic Party)
and tells the masses the truth
about the need to end
the system of bourgeois rule

Hit them where it Hurts!
Introduction and overview ( 950 words )

How the Democratic Party
and its flunkies
plan to liquidate
the antiwar movement
with hot air about an "Exit Plan"

Tom Hayden reveals all ( 500 words )

What kind of Organization does
the antiwar movement need?

An organization capable of overthrowing
the system of imperialist rule
cannot be built on a foundation of sand.
Only principled, transparent and long-term collaboration between serious activists can:
1. organize a decisive break from the
confinement of liberal-imperialist politics,
2. mobilize the masses in their millions and
3. chart the course forward to a world without
imperialist war or capitalist exploitation
( 2500 words )

Joint Statement against
the influence of the
imperialist Democratic Party
and its numerous flunkies

( 500 words )

Is There a Way Forward?
written in March 2005 by the AL Collective
( 1300 words )

Politics as Usual:
Cartoon Guide to the Left in Seattle

See also:
We need mass democracy
Real organization cannot be built
on a foundation of sand

Ben Seattle • November 7, 2005

And a proposal for:
the Open and Democratic
Anti-Imperialist Network for
Mass Action and Information War

Ben Seattle November 7 1800 words

mission statement
1. democratic rights
2. democratic (and accountable)
3. program of work to build
    a revolutionary channel