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From:    Ben Seattle 
Sent:    Saturday, July 19, 2008 3:32 PM
To:      Eric
Subject: Request for a link to my reply to you

Hi Eric,

Whether or not you eventually reply to me at some point in
the future, the CVO should, at this time, provide a link to
my reply to you [1] from their page which indexes their
polemics with me [2].

I believe this would be consistent with conducting
polemical exchanges in a spirit of integrity.

The CVO website has failed, for more than twelve years, to
link to (or even inform its readers of the existence of) my
substantive replies to Joseph from 1995.

It takes five minutes to add a link to a web page. Sixty
days is a reasonable period of time in which to give your
readers a link. If you fail to do this it will appear to me
that you are attempting to hide my reply from your readers.

Ben Seattle

[1] or to my index page at:

[2] http://home.flash.net/~comvoice/00SeattleBen.html