The Anarcho-Leninist
Debate on the State

Do you have ideas or do ideas have you?
The debate question In the period immediately following
a successful mass uprising against the bourgeoisie,
should the form (or forms) of organization adopted by the proletariat
to secure its ultimate liberation be understood to be a state?

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How do we get to a classless society?

What will happen between now and the time that humanity
creates a genuinely classless society with no state, no money
and no armed bodies of men to push people around?

The existing state will be gradually replaced
      by collectives
with no need for any kind of state
The existing state will be overthrown and then replaced
      by collectives
with no need for any kind of state
The present bourgeois state will be overthrown and
      replaced by a different kind of state that is controlled
      by the majority
of society and then the need for a state,
      money, cops, etc will be gradually eliminated
Humanity will never create a classless society
      with no state, no money, no cops, etc
The existing problems in present-day society will
      gradually be resolved as people become more educated
      and then use our existing democracy to vote
      more enlightened politicians into office
this is a stupid question
not sure

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Formal Statements

This section is under construction.

I hope to have here soon a section that allows readers to post lengthier statements using paragraphs, bold, italic, blockquote and section headings.

In the meantime, if you have a formal statement that you would like posted as a relevant essay, please email it to me at: ALDS-1011 (at) Leninism dot ORG

Ben Seattle November 2, 2002

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