Against the Ultra-Left Line

The Proletarian Unity League

United Labor Press
New York 1977



ONE: The Present Situation in the U.S. Communist Movement and Our Strategic Tasks

*   Chapter 1 Introduction

A. Strategy and the Main Form of Activity: On the Special Slogan "Win the Vanguard to Communism"

B. Strategic Periods in the Struggle for the Party

C. The Party Principle

D. The "Left" Sectarian Period--A Period of Strategic Significance

TWO: The Danger from the "Left"

*   Chapter 2 Introduction

A. From Sects to Sectarianism

B. Party-Building Line is Key: On the Mis-organization of the Communist Movement

C. Political Line is Not Key

D. "Left" Sectarianism: The Main Danger to the U.S. Communist Movement

E. The Class Vanguard or the "Active Minority"? Revolutionary Impatience in the Struggle for the Party

F. Some Other Situation and Somebody Else's Danger

G. Whose Spontaneity, Whose Economism?

H. The Liquidation of Theory--From the "Left"

I. The Amateurishness of Our "Lefts"

J. The Danger of Which "Little is Known"

THREE: "Left" Opportunism in Party-Building Line

*   Chapter 3 Introduction

A. Party-Building, Party-Formation, and the Vanguard Party

B. Evolutionism and Voluntarism in Party-Building

C. A Class Stand, A Party Spirit

D. Anti-Revisionism or "Left" Oppositionism?

E. A Caricature of the Struggle Against Modern Revisionism

F. Shadows of the Past

G. The "Iskra Principle"

H. Factory Nuclei-ism

FOUR: "Left" Opportunism in Political Line

*   Chapter 4 Introduction

A. "Left" Opportunism on the Reform Struggle

B. Inconsistent Democracy: The "Left-Wing" Alternative

C. "Left" Liquidation of the Woman Question

D. "Left" Opportunism towards Reformist Organizations, the Tactics of the United Front, and the Mass Line

E. Some "Left" Analyses of Social Classes

FIVE: The Social and Ideological Roots of "Left" Opportunism

*   Chapter 5 Introduction

A. Why Deviations Take Two Basic Forms

B. Some Features of the Historical Roots of "Left" Opportunism in the U.S. Communist Movement

C. The Social Roots of "Left" Opportunism

D. The Ideological Roots of "Left" Opportunism: Petit-Bourgeois Subjectivism

E. The Ideological Roots of "Left" Opportunism: The Anarchist Tradition

F. Anarchist Influence in the U.S. Communist Movement

G. On the Philosophical Roots of "Left" Opportunism

H. But Is Dogmatism the Main Danger?

SIX: Putting an End to the "Left" Sectarian Period

*   Chapter 6 Introduction

A. The Necessary and the Possible in the Struggle for Marxist-Leninist Unity

B. Theoretical Preconditions to Communist Unification

C. Party Spirit, Group Spirit

D. A Practical Precondition to Party-Formation: Roots in the Working Class

E. An Anti-"Left" Tendency

Appendix to Chapter Five: The Subjectivist Friends of the Hegelian Dialectic