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Other Resources There are plenty of free sites to store graphics and sound files. Geocities is one of the better known. allows you to have a domain name of the form ""
(this involves stupid pop-up poop--but would be ok for a mirror site), a co-op of progressive activists, offer "pay-what-you-are-able" web sites
I have not tried them but they may be worth checking out.


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The Rules

• Technical

Your domain name would be of the form: (or since the "www" is not necessary).

The interface I use is very crude. I do not have a programming staff. I work for a living doing other stuff. This is all I was able to put together in a few hours. Contact me if you have problems. I sometimes go a few days (or weeks) without looking at my email but I will try to get back to you.

Keep the disk space you use small. I have 100 megabytes total for all of my various projects. Graphics and midi's are ok but most of the material here should be text. Graphics will have to be emailed to me for FTP upload because the simple interface I created only handles text. The other alternative for graphics is to use a free site (see resources) to store graphics and then have your site here pull the graphics from there.

• Political
• Use of this site does NOT imply that the people who maintain web sites here agree with the views of Ben Seattle (who runs STRUGGLE.NET) or vice versa.

• The site will not be used as a forum for organizing by neo-nazi skinheads, racists, etc. Individuals in a forum may have views that are prejudiced, racist or stupid. This is not the same thing as groups of organized racists who use a forum to connect with and organize other racists.

• Legal
Keep the site legal per the laws of the US (where it is hosted). Mainly this means be careful about copyright. Under article 17 of the Copyright convention anyone may post short excerpts from anything for the purpose of commentary, criticism, ridicule, etc. But posting lengthy sections of copyrighted material (text, images, etc) without comment may cause problems. Be prepared to quickly delete any copyrighted material that generates "bigfoot" letters from lawyers.

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